Monday, January 30, 2012

Trusting my Instincts!

Despite some warm Summer weather and a busy (for us!) social calendar,

I have made some progress on my swap sewing!

My totally silent partner in the zipper pouch swap will be receiving this design....

based entirely on her mosaic!

Zipper is ready and a lining possibility being auditioned too?

I hope to have this finished soon!

My FLQS partner is into solids so I have modified the original 'Spiderweb' 


to look like this!

And here is an idea of how the whole mini might look!

The colours are a little 'off' in this photo!

It is almost entirely made from solids, which is challenging me somewhat!

(I just wish I had access to a better range of fabrics.)

Never mind, I intend to forge ahead and trust my instincts!

Happy sewing!



  1. Both swap items are wonderful. I am sure your partners will be thrilled.

  2. you have some lucky partners.

  3. Do love both, but really looking forward to seeing the finished solids piece :)

  4. You will make your partners very happy!!

  5. Great instincts - you're projects are brilliant.

  6. Gorgeous zipper pouch and great colours. Who wouldn't be happy with that??
    Very nice look to the mini. That is an interesting one!!

  7. Beautiful work. I really like the solids.

  8. Suz, both projects are looking wonderful! Maybe your silent partner is speechless at the gorgeousness of your zippered purse. I love the colours your using for the quilt are elegant, they really work!!

  9. You have great instincts and both those projects are wonderful. You can always send them to my house.

  10. You have two wonderful projects on the go there. I love the mini quilt look of the zipper bag.

  11. Both projects are lovely. I would be very happy with your zipper pouch. Love the colours and design.
    Love the blocks for the FLQS, great combination of colours.

  12. Well your instincts are spot on!!! They are both fantastic! That pouch will be super adorable and I love what you have done with the solids in the mini quilt!!! It is brilliant!! I just love that diamond pattern you get when you put the blocks together. Looks wonderful, Suz!!!

  13. Access to fabrics is the problem I have in swaps! Both of your makes are lovely...your partners are sure to be happy!

  14. Love the colours and design of the zipper pouch! Both your projects look lovely, I'm sure your swap partners will be delighted.
    Helen x

  15. I just love aqua....

    you new blocks are looking good...


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