Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chucking along!

As the month comes to a close,

 I thought you might like to see my Chuch Nohara 

blocks for March... 

Yes, there is a 'y' seam in there.....

They came together well...

The top one I was able to free piece, just measuring 

up the pieces, 

and the bottom two were foundation paper pieced.

Here's how I did the log cabin in a circle.....

Obviously I made the log cabin first,

then I laid my photocopied pieces over the top to 

check for fit!

I made each of the four corners then joined them, 

turning back the inner circle,

which I reverse appliqued to the front.

I promise, it doesn't look nearly as wonky from here!

Time to plan for April...

Happy sewing!



  1. I'm chuckling over your blog post title :) I think making the Chuck Nohara blocks would be a real thinking process, some blocks seem quite simple and others require inventive ways to make them, well done Susan.

  2. Loving all these blocks. Thanks for the tips on a circular log cabin too.

  3. Lovely work on these blocks, especially the fussy cutting and the curves.

  4. Love how the circular log cabin turned out! It's so full of energy. Great job! I cannot believe March is gone already but I'm looking forward to seeing all the goodies you create in April.

  5. Very pretty. My fav is that sweet little block with the bunny center. Very cute.

  6. Wonderful blocks all together! But the log cabin in a circle is my favorite - it's fantastic!

  7. Clever job on the circle Log Cabin block! I think that's the best option. If you'd tried to turn under the edges of the log cabin, the seams would have made it very bulky, and you probably wouldn't have gotten a good circle. Nice work!

  8. Super duper fabulous blocks!! It was so clever of your to use a photo copy of the block.

  9. Pretty blocks. I have never tried reverse applique.

  10. That is exactly how I would have tackled the log cabin in a circle too.
    I still have Chuck Nohara's book on my wishlist, thanks to you. I love these blocks.

  11. I've been following you and Elizabeth making these blocks but I have to admit I have no idea who Chuck i've been following you and Elizabeth making these blocks but I have to admit I have no idea of her Chuck no harass Nohara is.

  12. Fantastic - I used a similar method on a few of my Gingham Girls blocks - works a treat.


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