Monday, March 7, 2016

Dragging my feet....

I continue to plod along with my projects.....

I made this...

and these.

They may become coasters?

This is what has taken most of my time...

six inch blocks...

and EPP stars....

which will eventually be added to this....

only a sneak peek at this stage!

 But all sewing must wait, because I'm off on a 

business trip   school camp,

staying in a five-star hotel  a cabin with bunks,

socialising with supervising adults twelve year olds 

for four glorious gruesome days!

Wish me luck!

'Cos if I wasn't dragging my feet before,

 I will be on Friday!



  1. Your projects are all so pretty. Those 6 inch blocks are really sweet. Have a great time on camp - I hope you get enough sleep!

  2. You are a brave soul! Have fun & soon you'll be back to patchwork!

  3. Ditto what Mary said--you ARE a brave soul. These are all such pretty projects.

  4. I love all the beautiful things you've been making Suz. Absolutely gorgeous fabric choices!!

  5. All great-looking projects - you're so talented - and I wish you the best on a wonderful week at camp!!!:)

  6. Definitely wishing you luck on that trip. Don't envy you at all. But I do envy the pretty fabrics you're playing with. Just lovely.

  7. Oh my. You poor dear! Your trip OUGHT to be with quilting friends on a retreat! You wouldn't even mind sleeping in a bunk if you could do that, right?! Well, I hope the time passes quickly, and that you have decent weather. The variety of projects you're working on are marvelous! Those on-point four patches are great, as is your EPP. I'm guessing the sneak peek is for a gift, and that's a lot of fun. Now hurry back home to sew!

  8. Have fun on your "business Trip". My daughter goes away on camp next week. At least you know you have something nice to come home too.

  9. Plodding is good! It means progress is still being made.
    I am loving those little 6 inch blocks.
    I wish you all the best for your recovery after the camp. It is so draining no matter how much fun it can be.
    You will need every minute of the long weekend to rest!

  10. Such lovely projects and wonderful blocks! And wow - a camp with 12 year olds... Oh my, I'm not jealous of that :-) But I'm sure you have the patience and calmness to manage that!!! And soon you are back and can relaxe while sewing :-)

  11. I really like all the colors in those patchwork blocks. The solids and tiny prints look great together. Hope you survived the camp trip :)

  12. Oh my goodness! This block is looking amazing! I love that bright raspberry!


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