Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Here in Australia the year isn't the only thing that 

finishes in December... 

The school year does too.

So I have been busy with all that entails....

But I do have some small finishes to share.

my "Pretty Potent" hand quilted cushion.

my new blouse,

and this baby quilt,

which deserves a post of its own,

when I get some better photos soon.

Because I don't have as much sewing time as I 

would like...

these blocks have been calling me!

It probably takes longer to find the pretty fabric 


than it does to cut and sew one together!

And I am closing in on a finish of my hexie garden,

with only two more to applique.

 Then I can think 

about an arrangement for them all.

What has been keeping you busy?

Happy days!



  1. Those hexie flowers are going to look so good all together. I love sewing in 'compartments' and seeing how it all looks when you put it together.
    I'm not really sure what's been keeping me busy - I feel like I've done nothing but it's already Week 4 of Term 4 so I must have been doing something! Farmer's Wife is certainly keeping me occupied. And thinking of teachers' gifts for the end of the year - something close to your heart!

  2. Oh you have been busy! The cushion is so beautiful and the blouse looks gorgeous too! Happy sewing :)

  3. Love your cushion ... I've had teacher's gifts on my mind ... to sew or to buy? That is the question! School fete sewing is keeping me busy at the moment ...

  4. I saw this on Instagram and thought it was so beautiful. I love the simplicity of the cushion with the hand quilting and those pom-poms beautiful

  5. So many pretty things going on! I adore that cushion with its pom pom fringe. And the tunic. But I'm also loving the assortment of blocks. It's all very smile inducing and happy making!

  6. Yes, I'm feeling the end of year pressure here in NZ too. The organisation I work for has their annual conference in Christchurch in 4 weeks time and it's me that has to pull it all together - from menu choices, to registering guests, to getting certificates ready for our latest graduates... I'm flat out here and there's been no time for sewing lately. Roll on December and January because I've got a lot I'd like to be making. Your finishes look lovely.

  7. Your blouse turned out beautifully, it matches your phone cover :) Love the pom pom trim on the cushion too.

  8. I love those colorful blocks. Can't wait to see how they end up.

  9. It is always a crazy time of year with schools. I am amazed that you even have time to post, let alone sew.
    Well done on the finishes. Lovely stitching on your gorgeous cushion and I am impressed with your blouse. It looks great.
    Good luck with your blocks and hexies.

  10. Nice! Love your cushion and the blouse looks fabulous! Perfect for your weather now, I suspect. The background fabric on your baby quilt is lovely. I can't wait to hear more about it!

  11. What fun projects. I especially love your pretty potent pillow!

  12. My! You're been BUSY!! Love the cushion with that vibrant Anna Maria Horner fabric. I have some, too, and have been waiting for some inspiration to hit. Thanks for the inspiration! And your new top is so nice! Makes me almost want to start sewing clothes again. Almost. Very almost.

  13. Work seems to have been keeping me busy lately, then I come home from that and switch on to my MUM job. Not much sewing getting done at all these days.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend -a re you watching the RWC final???

  14. Every one of these projects is in such beautiful colours.
    I found myself perusing pompom trim and thinking of you the other day. I have yet to finish the cushion front, but it might have some pompoms added, inspired by you, if I can find a Spotlight that sells the right colour.

  15. I laughed at the thought that it probably takes longer to select the fabric combos than it does to sew the blocks. I so relate to that. Playing with fabric combos can last all day for me.


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