Sunday, November 1, 2015

A struggle...

Today is the day to reveal the last of the Four-In-Art 

"Literature" quilts for 2015.

I admit, I struggled with this one....

A sneaky look at the back...

I had few ideas and nothing seemed to work.

I chose to represent two of my all-time favourite 


"To Kill a Mockingbird" 


"Great Expectations"

And I'll leave it at that...

I'm sure there are some wonderful "Four-in-Art" 

minis for your viewing pleasure here:







Just click on each name to take in the rest of  

the Art Show!

I guess all artist struggle with inspiration 




  1. While you may have struggled, I still think your final is perfect! Both books are muddled and deep in their message and I think your choices - of fabrics and focus - depict that beautifully. I, too, struggled with mine and wonder if we all struggle when we get to the end of something like this - a series. Do we struggle because it is the stated end and would we struggle as much if it was another beginning? Just musing here!

  2. I found this challenge really hard every single time, I'm glad that I am not the only one. I do love the calm colours of your quilt and the two books are nicely represented. Perhaps the strips are other interesting books and thoughts to be read another day? And my glasses are always at hand now.

  3. I like what both Leanne and Betty said--I really struggled with this one, too, and then when I tried to join all the quilts (I'd thought I'd sew them all together), I found I was discouraged by them all. So maybe the moon's not in the right phase for us, or something.

    But I do like your quilt, and I love Leanne's suggestion that the strips might suggest book spines--as there are always more books to read and to enjoy. I love the subtlety of your interpretation, and think sometimes I should follow that idea--as all my interpretations seem to hit the viewer over the head (can you tell I'm not a fan of my own creations today?). It's beautiful in its cohesiveness and execution, as well as artistic interpretation. Thanks for being such a faithful member of our group!

  4. I will say that I have struggled all my life in the interpretation of books. As I read the SparkNotes for Great Expectations (because it was high school when I read the book) there are so many things within the book to consider when illustrating. If we put it all in, it would be a muddied mess, I believe. I grabbed onto the black bird, the glasses and the strips (book spines), but my unfamiliarity with the tea cup, lace, etc. tripped me up. Knowing the background of your quilt now allows me to understand it. Did you have a title?
    So happy you continued on with the struggle.

  5. All creative muse can be a struggle . . . but then that's partly what it's about too. Finding ways to express ourselves. Even if you had trouble finding your path on this one the end result is still a lovely quilt that carries meaning and I'll bet even more meaning may reveal itself as time goes by. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorites too and I just reread it before reading the new one.

  6. I think the end result is fine and I was pleased that I picked up the reference for To Kill a Mockingbird before I read it.
    Sometimes we are our own harshest critics.

  7. Even if I didn't know what it represented I would enjoying looking at in its own right because the colours are lovely together and the way you have balanced the different fabrics is so clever. Then all the different symbols take it to another level again - I love it!

  8. I love this and they fit together so well. A beautiful result

  9. Your struggle paid off! I think you did a marvelous job representing your two favorite books.

  10. A struggle?....I would say the end result is a wonderful intertwining of the two books. It's amazing how sometimes ideas just fly and other times it's like trying to get cold tar to move uphill. Regardless of your challenge with the mini quilt, that been turned into a lovely pillow, your final project is wonderful. Simone

  11. This is such a beautiful combination of things, and lets the viewer go off on a little journey on their own and about other favorite books. I have never read Great Expectations. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good winter read.

  12. In spite of the struggle, you have come up with something very pretty. I like it.

  13. Yes, we all struggle! I've struggled all year with this theme. Feeling like my quilts are OK, but not great. I haven't displayed any of them in the house. Its been ages since I've read either book, both in high school. I really agree with everyone elses' comments about how it turned out. A great little pillow. Sometimes its about the process and not the results.


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