Friday, January 3, 2014

The Quilt with No Name!

This is my latest finish....

my Modern Stitching Bee Quilt, 

measuring 72" X 84"!

And difficult to photograph!

These are Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks....

with fussy-cut centres!

I made some blocks myself 

but received most of these from 

bee members or friends 

in Australia, England and the United States!

I even got one from my dear friend Linda!

A Flamingo, of course!

I kept the quilting simple- diagonal straight lines!

Here are the siggie blocks I received,

 made into a label on the back!

I used a vintage sheet for the backing, 

which was a breeze to work with!

And the binding, from my stash, 

is called "Village Green" by Carolyn Gavin.

Surely from this (Rocky Mountain, Village Green

I can come up with a name?

Can you?

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thank you Marg, Di, Nicki, Emily, Rhonda, Leanne, Linda, Chrissie, Jennie, Sarah, Susan, Emily and Cindy!

I love my quilt! 

This is my fourth finish 

for the last quarter of the F-A-L...

You can see my other three finishes 

here, here and here and first listed here!

I think I might start something new?

Happy sewing!



  1. Nice! I love this quilt! Not sure about the name...I am sure you will come up with something clever!

  2. Its beautiful! I love that binding. I'm rubbish at names though, sorry x

  3. It's a fabulous quilt.
    I'm thinking " Sweet Dreams " ?
    I don't think it would possible to have anything but when sleeping under this one .

  4. Wow! You surprised me with a finish....and what a lovely one! It is so spring-like and pretty. It reminds me of candy for some reason. How about Rock Candy Mountain for a name....I'm sure that you are an avid fan of Candy Land!

  5. Wow, you are sewing like crazy! I love this quilt. Look at all the fun fussy cut centers and all the half square triangles! It is just beautiful. I think you added just the right amount of quilting too.
    A name, hmm, I am sorry but I am not good with names.

  6. What about "I spy a mountain" - I love the fussy cut centres.

  7. I think this quilt is really terrific. Sorry I can't come up with a name idea.

  8. How about 'Rocky Mountain Friends' or the 'Global Village Green' as names!

    Love the ice cream colours - I knew this would make a beautiful quilt!

  9. Oh how I love the way this turned out!! I am thinking "Vintage Village" but then I am on weird nam kick so I amay not be the person to ask. All my quilts have people names here lately! Regardless, of her name, she's a beaut!!!

  10. Argh its lovely, my first thought was 'perfectly pastel' but looking at it again, maybe it's not so pastel. My other idea was the village people! Sorry being rather silly!!!

  11. What a lovely quilt! I find names either come straight to me or else I have terrible time thinking of something memorable. How about Mountain Bee? I think some of the names already suggested are much better!

  12. Really lovely - and looks like you have some good name suggestions already xxx

  13. I saw it and thought of Orbital Stars - it's very pretty #!}

  14. it is beautiful .. I dont name quilts... because I'm rubbish at it!! lol x

  15. beautiful, sounds like a village made it so how about Village Mountain

  16. I love this one Susan, it looks fabulous.
    I'm rubbish at naming quilts, they either pop into my head straight away or they never get a name. I end up referring to them by their colours.

  17. This soup looks delish. I put it in my favorites. It will be perfect for this cold snap we are having. Wishing you all the best for a great new year. Love, LJ

  18. Love this quilt. I'm hopeless with names so I won't offer a suggestion.

  19. I simply love your "Rocky Mountain Village Green" quilt! Your colors and fussy cut centers are wonderful.

  20. Rock at the Village Green :-) It looks wonderful and that little elephant block is just the cutest!

  21. What a beautiful quilt. The blocks look wonderful with their fussy cut centers and the diagonal quilting adds to their directional shapes. As for names how about Friendly Village, In the Villiage with Friends. Or Mountain Views - because of the fussy cut views? I know you'll come up with a great name - make sure you let us know what you decide.

  22. Lovely! This may be too silly but since it's such a sweet quilt I was thinking "Candy Mountain"....

  23. I love your quilt, it turned out so wonderfully. And I see both my blocks here too. Since I live in Canada, which is the home of the spectacular Rocky Mountains, how about a name that evokes that. Like maybe Mountain Walk, or Summit, Mountain Puzzle, or Peaks (which now that I think of it is a pun too) or Vintage Peaks. You might have already named it, I am catching up today.

  24. Ah! Just earlier today I was searching for this block name, because I'm lately obsessed with it and think it might work for an upcoming project... and now - this lovely finish! I LOVE this quilt. All the fussy cuts are so much fun! And that village green print is wonderful. I've contemplated splurging on it many times...

    As for a name, I'm at a loss. But I'll let you know if I think of something! ;)

  25. I do like the end result with this quilt. For such a variety of blocks they go together really well.
    I have no ideas for names but love the way it looks.

  26. Beautiful quilt, Susan! How about "It Takes a Village" for the name? Ya know, since so many of your pals in our quilting "community" helped out with the blocks? Good luck choosing!

  27. How cute! I haven't anything helpful to add to the name ideas, but for me the features are the adorable fussy-cut pictures and the fact it is a friendship quilt. 'Pictures of you'?

  28. Beautiful, I love this quilt Suz!
    "Friends from afar" possible name.

  29. Beautiful quilt!!!! I have a difficult time with naming quilts. I am sure you will come up with a suitable name.

  30. My friend lives in a little town (village) in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado called Green Mountain Falls. I think that might be a fun name... "Green Mountain Falls".

  31. Look at all the comments you've received about this quilt! They love it as much as I do! It's truly wonderful, and I'm humbled that you like my block so much. That's good to know. I wish I could help you come up with a name. I need to be creative with my Riley Blake Challenge quilt name too. Shall we name each others' quilts?!

  32. It's very pretty! I always love a quilt with fussy cuts! I have no idea about a name. In truth I thought the block was called candy dish or broken dishes so I am really no help at all! ;)

  33. Sweet . . . love the colors and the fussy cut centers. Linda's flamingo is so cute.


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