Saturday, January 11, 2014 word for 2014!

I haven't been a frequent blogger this year, 

(I guess I'm enjoying my Summer holiday 

too much!)

And I had not shared my word for 2014....


Savour the moment
savour the stitches
savour the friendships!

So I thought you might like to savour 

my current projects.....

February's Polaroid Calendar mini quilt,

 being prepared,

The map fabric will be the perfect backing!

another zipper pouch, 

my + and X Friendship blocks

I hope this doesn't spoil the surprise too much, Carla!

And my MCM bee block-

I have built a house for sweet Linda!

I also now have definite plans for this fabric,

and a scrappy donation quilt...

with these!

You will have plenty of time to savour them....

I am off to work at the Australian Tennis Open 

on Monday

(seven days straight!)

then I am off for a week's vacation!

And I might not be sewing for awhile.

Happy days!



  1. Savour is such a great word and will carry you well through 2014. You are certainly savouring your recent projects, they all look wonderful!! 7 days straight at the tennis will be full on, dare I say don't work too hard.

  2. So many lovely projects on the go! What will you be doing at the tennis?

  3. Ooh I like that, great choice of word for 2014.
    Hope it's not too hot at the tennis.
    Looks like you've had a great sewing start to the year.

  4. Enjoy the tennis (c'mon Leyton) and holiday; looks like you have lots to keep you busy when you return!

  5. Savour the tennis and your holidays - a great way to live.

  6. Savour is a great word. Hope you savour the tennis!

  7. Great new word, we can also savour your blog and lovely projects. Love the pouch, the feather fabric is a favourite of mine. Great blocks, it's brave of you to work in black and whites because I know it's not easy. Have fun at the tennis and on holiday.

  8. Love those sunglasses. Hope the sun is shining on you all week, Susan. Enjoy!

  9. Your house for Linda is an inspiration! So is the word savor. I can think of many ways it applies to a satisfying life. Enjoy your tennis time....or should that be savor......

  10. mouth is watering! I can't wait to savour or savor {hehe} what you have to share! Love that pouch with the feathers. Enjoy the tennis!

  11. Great word, and lovely projects and fabric! Enjoy your holiday.

  12. Savor is a great word! And one we get to share with you as you reveal all your lovely projects.

    Even if the blogging is less frequent, it's quite clear you've started the year off with an abundance of colorful projects. A perfect start to 2014!

  13. Wonderful work. I love the cute house.
    Give Andy Murray a cheer for us Brits!
    Have a great holiday.

  14. Lots of great blocks! Working at the Open? What do you do there? I would love to be around tennis for a week straight IF I got to watch a lot of it too! Have fun!

  15. Oohhh, you are a tricky one with that b/w photo, my dear! I simply adore your house for Linda and I'm sure she will too! You have some great projects going on there!!

  16. I really enjoyed this post! Such gorgeous color and projects. Enjoy your summer hols, but do post again soon :) Loved seeing your pretties.

  17. What are you going to make with your Shelbourne Falls? I can't believe its time for the tennis tourney again.

  18. So much to enjoy in this post. You have a few busy weeks ahead of you. Hope it is not too hot at the Tennis Open. I have a "thing" for houses and your us just darling.
    I really love your x and + blocks. They will look great in your mix. Have fun and stay safe.

  19. Lots of lovely making; better cram in a bit more before the tennis starts xxx

  20. Very clever colour conceal in th BW photo. I love the house, especially the pet at the door. I cannot see the animal clearly, but I will assume a small dog. The only time our grumpy cat rushes to the door to greet us is when his dinner is late. We love him anyway.

  21. You are having fun! Enjoy the tennis and the holiday.

  22. Love your word Carla. Savour your time away and have fun at the tennis open.

  23. Hi Susan. I have enjoyed all your projects. I love your word for this year too

  24. hope you get to watch some tennis while you are there! And have a great holiday :)

  25. Sounds like you have some great plans for the next two weeks.
    Hope you get to sneak in and watch some of the matches.
    Have a wonderful holiday after that!

  26. great word for the year!
    I love the house block and the fabrics too, wonderful prints.

  27. Your word for the year is so good. Did you think on it for a long time before deciding? Carla has a word too, so of course, I'm thinking that to be hip with my buds, I should have a word too.

    Your February Polaroid quilt is great! Love the glasses print, which look so mod. And the block you made for Linda is just right. I took a more modern approach and ended up with such a mish-mash of prints that the house isn't discernable! It will now have to wait until February until I can have another go at it.

    Such a fun time, for you to be working at the Open! I presume you're being paid for something in which you have an avid interest. Are you a tennis player yourself? I'm wishing you a good week, especially for being on your feet, as I guess you will be, and then for a nice getaway. Take pics! I love seeing Australia. Just yesterday we were talking about when we'll be visiting again. Sometime, for sure!

  28. Nothing wrong with enjoying Summer!
    I say quality not quantity xxx

  29. A good word Susan! Slow down and just enjoy. I like it!

  30. My word might have to be YEARN. Then again... who needs a word?? Hope you are enjoying the tennis again this year... thought of you as the tennis started in Auckland and wondered if you were going to be doing it again.

  31. That's a great word for 2014! You've shared so many beautiful fabrics in this post. I can't wait to see what you make with those Denyse fabrics!

  32. So glad you are featured on the SMS blog! You do such amazing work


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