Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Flurry of Finishes!

Now that I have an internet connection again,

I have a few finishes to share!

My blouse.....

came together effortlessly!

Even the buttonholes were a breeze!

A zipper pouch which was gifted to my sister!

With an order for another one!

And a quilt flimsy!

I have been putting this one together 

for over a year now...

My Museum Medallion!

This is where I was last year!

Ninety two inches square, mostly hand pieced!

Yes, I am mad!
I had to make 44 of these 6" DP blocks!
And four of these!
This last pieced border alone 

was made from 432 pieces!

2014 will the year I will hand quilt this one.....

Come back next year for THIS finish!



  1. What lovely finishes, each and every one! I think your hand pieced quilt top is gorgeous and will be even more stunning once quilted.

  2. Amazing finishes. Cannot believe you made that quilt top only in one year!

  3. Your museum medallion is such an awesome achievement. I'm really looking forward to seeing it as you hand quilt it - it's going to be beautiful.

  4. They are all so pretty!! I really like the size of your zip pouch and the fabric is really pretty too!!

  5. OH that medallion - and hand pieced no less! Just delightful!!

  6. Well, if you are mad, it's a very beautiful madness!

  7. Ohhh! your blouse looks so pretty and cool! and the pouch and quilt are awesome finishes! You are off to a good start, Susan!

  8. I so admire your hand piecing and quilting skills.

  9. Oh, my word! I'm so impressed by all of your accomplishments!

  10. Such fabulous finishes . Love all your makes

  11. I was just admiring this medallion quilt top a couple of days ago. Looking at it for inspiration. I really love this, gorgeous colours. I

  12. Wow, great job on the blouse, the lovely pouch and the flimsy. You can never have too many pouches in my opinion.

  13. really lovely. I love your medallion top - yay for hand piecing and quilting :-)

  14. Lovely to see your finishes and the quilt top is wonderful.
    It has grown beautifully. I am stunned at all that hand stitching.

  15. You are doing great. I love the medallion quilt, the colours and the design, it is just beautiful.

  16. You blouse turned out great. And I love the pouch for your sister. But your quilt is just amazing. I also love to hand piece. So you are not crazy just ambitious. Enjoy the hand quilting process.

  17. Your museum medallion is beautiful. I love the colours!

  18. I love the cheerful colours of the quilt top. Great job on the hand piecing. Who says traditional hand sewing has to be dull?!


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