Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIPS Wednesday- April Edition

I am surprised to see it has been six weeks since my 

last WIPS Wednesday post....

And time to take stock!

There are far fewer WIPS on the list but some new 

things too! 

 Ginger Kisses is waiting to be quilted.....

And I have made some headway on my

 "Museum Medallion" blocks.....

These take almost as much time to pin 

as they do to sew....

They are only 3.5 inches square when complete!

 I have made some bee blocks....

And I'm making another bag......

and quilting the strap.

Finally, I will leave you with another 'teaser' 

photo of my hexies!

All will be revealed soon!


Christmas Embroideries
"Feathers" Quilt
"RadioActive" Quilt
Knitting - sweater and socks

I am now thinking about what I might do next.....

more hand piecing,

hand quilting, knitting or embroidery?

Decisions, decisions......

Do you have trouble deciding 

which project to tackle next?

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Happy sewing!



  1. You HAVE been busy. I'm liking your hexies - they look good in greys but suspect you maybe just edited your photo to B & W?

  2. Oh my goodness, Susan...those Ginger Kisses make my heart race! FAB!! And...are those hexies as small as I think they are? What drug are you on, girl???

  3. I love the red & aqua peek of the new bag you're working on!

  4. Ginger kisses is amazing. I would suggest you look at Leanne's tute on DPs without pinning. It works a charm and I never use one pin when piecing them

  5. Love all your Ginger Kisses and those grey hexies are so sweet!

  6. Busy, busy! How can one so much time to make so much progress! I'm jealous! I really love the star. Congratulations!

  7. Lots of activity in your neck of the woods -and all looking so good!! Love that star.

  8. Ginger Kisses is still such a beautiful quilt. Looks like you're making good progress on the Museum Medallion quilt too - those drunkards path blocks are really tiny!

  9. Love Ginger Kisses!!

    I thought about doing some circles like yours,but haven't tried yet.

  10. That is a great set of WIPs! Looks like fun things to make :-)

  11. So many colorful projects to choose from! Not to mention all the possible new projects to begin. I have many projects in various stages here too. And more ideas every day, it seems.

  12. Ginger kisses is so fabulous --as is that bee block ; )

  13. All looking lovely, but honestly, don't pin your curves!!!

  14. It's all beautiful, I especially love the ginger kisses.

  15. Oh WOW! You have such gorgeous projects on the go. Ginger kisses is gorgeous!

  16. I can't stop looking at your ginger kisses quilt-- it is fabulous!

  17. Your Ginger Kisses is a favorite!!

  18. I love all your projects Suz! Will you be quilting Ginger Kisses? I'm looking forward to seeing your medallion quilt again, those little drunken paths blocks are so cute!

  19. you have a beautiful batch of WIP's. can i ask what you use to mark the hand sewing lines on your medallion blocks? curious minds want to know :)

  20. I don't pin when sewing curves. pinning makes me crazy. I still love your Gypsy Kisses quilt so much

  21. your Ginger Kisses quilt is gorgeous!!! as are all your WIPs!

  22. I love Ginger Kisses and I'm amazed how much you've managed to get done since your last WIPs post! A great success.

  23. Love your Ginger Kisses quilt it is so gorgeous!! I love picking a new project, it's the finishing I have a problem with!! All your projects are perfection!!

  24. Busy bee! Love ginger kisses - keep posting the photos of it!

  25. I'm playing blog catch up! I love those Ginger Kisses :-)


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