Thursday, April 4, 2013

Really Random Thursday....

While sewing has been slow, there have been some 

fun times to be had.....

A brilliant Springsteen concert on Easter Sunday....

Trust me, that's Bruce!

followed by a night at a wonderful B and B....

and a little retail therapy...

This vintage print will hang in my 

sewing room one day....

when I have a sewing room!

And even though there is not much sewing going on,

these fabrics were too good to pass up at 

Darn Cheap,

Finally, this beautiful new book....

was a gift from my sister!

I am thinking about what I will make first, and having 

fun, looking for fabric!

A great week, indeed!

linking up with....

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Happy days!



  1. What a wonderful week you have had! So many treats to keep your memories warm and your hands busy.

  2. That sounds like a nice week! I would not have passed on that concert either.

  3. The B&B looked breathtaking! I bet Bruce was excellent!

  4. Wow I bet the Springsteen concert was amazing!!

  5. The B&B looks fantastic! I just drove by a really cute looking one yesterday and thought that maybe a couples getaway was in our future!

  6. You have all the fun!! Wonderful fun! I am thinking that your sister is hoping you will keep sewing for her!!!

  7. You my lady are having way too good of a time!!

  8. Fun!! The b&b looks gorgeous and I love that vintage print :)

  9. I love everything in this post! What a gorgeous B&B but I think the real star of the weekend must have been Bruce Springsteen. I love your new fabrics, great stash additions!

  10. Wow! What a great time you have been having. I love that B&B....just gorgeous! Great fabrics too!

  11. The B&B looks lovely. I saw Bruce back in the 80's - his concerts are always fabulous!

  12. sounds like such a fun week :-)

  13. I have heard all his concerts have been great, but I love the idea of going to one at Hanging Rock.

  14. Honestly, the B&B struck my fancy! ;-)

  15. Really, no umbrellas?? How weird!

  16. I love a good b&b - that one looks lovely!

  17. I might need that book. I'm thinking about getting back into garment sewing my spare time. The B&B looks lovely, too

  18. Oh I love it all!!! What a fab time you've been having!

  19. Oh, my. While Bruce is lovely, I think I'd just want to go back to the B&B and curl up with a good book. It looks divine.

    We bought the same fabric this week (the yellow circles). Great minds think alike!

    Elizabeth E.

  20. What a lovely week full of goodness.


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