Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keeping it Real...

For the Modern Stitching Bee Di has asked for Flying 

Geese blocks....

in aqua, yellow, red with grey.

She gave us free reign to choose our own designs!

The first one went without a hitch...

Not so the second...

I think I had a little brain fade when I was cutting....

As I sewed I knew there were serious flaws in it,

 like missing points....

But I kept going, using it as my 'prototype'!

In the meantime I am relaxing with my

 hand applique....

One down, four to go!

Happy sewing!



  1. Did your geese fly a little too far? Hate it when that happens.
    As per usual I am envious of all you have achieved this week!

  2. I don't think the block looks bad at all, but you have to be happy with it to post it. I need to get on with mine.

  3. doesnt that just drive you MAD! and it seems the more you tyr the worse it gets .. best to walk away and come back later x

  4. Those are very nice...points or no points.

  5. I love them too! Your Ginger Kisses is going to be amazing! xo

  6. Hmm, don't you hate that. At least one block looks perfect.
    Swooning at your ginger kisses block.

  7. Your geese have run a foul???? hee hee! Susan, this pickle-dish is fabulish!!! Isn't it the best traditional pattern - ever!!!!

  8. Still, it is a wonderful design! I've got a little stack of those types of blocks....they will find a home someday! The DS floral for your back ground on the Pickle Dish is one of my all time favorites!

  9. You've been keeping busy! Love how your applique is turning out.

  10. I hope to make a few flying geese today too. And I started my pickle dish quilt yesterday, inspired in part by your lovely progress.

  11. You could have called it a Clipped Wing Flying Geese block and we would never have known. You're making great progree with your applique!

  12. RachelDaisy had a brilliant idea, but I know you want to send me something you are proud do as you wish!
    I am loving your applique blocks. I haven't started mine yet.

  13. Love that top one! And your pickle dish progress looks great :o)

  14. I reccon the flying geese block doesn't look TOO bad, but I will freely admit that those cut points would get to me too :) ... The top block looks fabulous in those colours though (never would have thought of that combination, but I might jot it down to try sometime in the future!!) ... And as always the hand applique looks fantastic!! This will be gorgeous once you've got it finished!!!! xx

  15. I like the colours you are using in the flying geese. You are making great progress on your hand appliqué!

  16. Love Flying Geese.
    If it were my quilt, I'd hide any block less than what I thought was acceptable in the corner, but I wouldn't get rid of it, even if the geese have a few clipped wings (really, I hardly noticed it--only after you pointed it out). Love the hand work!


  17. I really like the red pinwheel in the center. And your pickle dish is beautiful!


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