Friday, March 15, 2013

Back in Formation.....

my geese, that is.....

It's hard to tell from here, but the points are much 

better this time round!

I had some gift vouchers that were due to expire so 

I was pleased to find this in my local book shop....

I have an on-again, off-again love affair with Kaffe....

I made this quilt nearly five years ago...

his pattern, my fabrics!

Pam's Chelsea Garden
Sorry about the bad 'flick'r' photo! It's the only one I can find!

It hangs proudly on a friend's wall.

 I love this new version I found inside...

especially as I have a thing for pink and yellow 

at the moment!

This maybe going on to my to-do list!

Is there a pattern out there that you'd consider 

making again?



  1. Great looking Geese. I love Kaffe Fassett though sometimes I am more into his books than others. And I love the wall hanging you made. I would make the Swoon quilt again. Actually I have only the top so far but I don't like it. I bought a kit so I copied the designers version (so it doesn't feel very creative) and my points are all cut off. I'd take my time and pick out my own fabrics next time.

  2. I knew you could herd those geese into line! I don't dare to look at other people's patterns until I finish off what's in my head!

  3. THe Pickle-Dish! And I never get tired of anything Log Cabin! Its a great quilt!

  4. Yes, every quilt I've made I wish I could make a second time! About halfway through my brain starts with the, "I wonder how this would look...". Wish I had time to do that.

  5. geese look good to me x I have blocks that I do over... and over because they are comfortable... and old friends x then there are others that I am going to repeat... one day x lol x

  6. Nice geese! Fun about finding the Kaffe book & the similar quilt! If all goes as planned I'm going to a quilt show with Kaffe & Brandon Mably quilts tomorrow....I'll report back for ya!

  7. I find that Kaffe's books inspire me to do things my own way and not follow patterns. (Of course, that's my normal operating procedure, but I still feel his style and books add to the compulsion to just Play!) I'm afraid I have too many things I want to get to--repeating a pattern falls down to the bottom of the list.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I see perfect points there.
    As far as making the same pattern again, I usually choose not to because I find it boring but I was asked to make a second flower girl quilt by my DIL and I am happy to oblige.

  9. Am I allowed to admit to not being a Kasse fan? While I love colour and my choices are often over the top, there's just something about his quilts that is "too much" for my taste. Having said that, I quite like the flower quilt, and I could quite imagine making it more than once in different colours. Log cabin themed quilts are the only ones I've done multiple times.

  10. Perfect points from here.
    I love Kaffe Fassett and have quite a few of his books, but have never made anything from any of them. At the moment there is nothing I want to make again. Maybe one day though I might try the French Roses pattern as I really loved making that.

  11. Love your geese - one of the ladies from the Sunday sew-in is making a quilt using a nice diamond pattern with some of the many Kaffe prints that are at our LQS.

  12. I love kaffe books! I made his Shirt Stripe Box quilt when I first started quilting and wouldn't mind making that again in more colourful stripes. He has a few quilts I'd love to make and always find looking at his use of colour and beautiful fabrics inspiring.

  13. Kaffe quilts certainly are bright aren't they. I think I may make another of the first quilt I made, a Moda Bakeshop Pinwheel Baby Quilt with prairie points.

  14. I think you uncorked a feeling around we quilters with your admission that you have an off-again, on-again thing with Kaffe. Obviously many of us feel the same. I LOVE his fabrics, like the books and am impressed with his creativity. Went once to a local quilt guild's hosting of him and heard his lecture (not impressed--felt like it was a waste of time and money), but I have his latest book on the way here from Amazon--just love looking at the quilts!


  15. I love your block and the book looks great. I have most of his knitting and quilting books, I will check that one out too. I truly want to make every quilt I have made again at least once or ten times, there is just no time. I fall for every pattern pretty hard it seems.

  16. I love KF's books as they are full of eye candy and I love the saturated colours in his fabrics although his patterns can be a little intimidating. I tend not to repeat patterns as I haven't been quilting very long and there are so many I want to try :)

  17. I borrowed a Kaffe book from the library recently, and I'm fast becoming a fan of his work. He's definitely not scared of colour!


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