Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Beach....

I spent a very pleasant day or so at the beach this 


visiting my sister Helen!

Here she is modelling the dress I made for her 


She is an accomplished seamstress in her own 


Look at this fabulous cushion she made from a 

vintage tea towel....

purchased from a local op shop for $5!

And, as promised, I took "Almost A Rainbow" for a 

visit too....

Helen doing the holding!

and found the perfect place for the photo shoot!

My favourite photo!

I managed to get a bee block completed too...

my first experience with 'low volume' sewing!

I'm off to the beach again tomorrow,

but this time for work-

school camp with 90 twelve year old boys!

Spare a thought for me!



  1. Lovely to see your finished quilt. It's gorgeous.
    I have 5 of these blocks made, and your quilt has got me thinking about choice of fabrics for inbetween the blocks and the overall design when it's finished. I've enjoyed watching your progress with it. Love the setting for your photos, works a treat!

  2. I love ALL your photos of Almost A Rainbow, the colours are so bright and fun. The natural light shows it at it's best.

  3. Your Almost a Rainbow quilt is just beautiful !!! And that is the perfect place to photograph it... L xo

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! So glad you had time with your sister and at the beach!! Love the pillows too!! A really lovely dress!

  5. Beautiful quilt photos! And 90 twelve year olds?! Ummmm good luck?

  6. Wow! The dress is great! And look how tan Helen is!!! I love the beach shots of your Almost Rainbow Quilt. Wow! Such lovely bright colors and so much sun! Susan, this is a great bright and perfectly pieced! And your low volume block is fantastic, too! Thanks for all the eye candy!

  7. The quilt is right at home there! Great way to show off all those fabulous colors.

    Fun to see your other projects as well. And your sister's. Obviously, the crafty sewing gene runs in your family. :)

  8. Love that your sister had a Banff Canada tea towel!

    Beautiful dress, and cushion.

    GOOD LUCK with the 12yr old boys. You may need it. hehe

  9. The quilt photos are beautiful, as is the dress and the pillow. I hope you have had fun with the boys, you are at the beach after all.

  10. Lovely dress and cushion, but really loving the photo shoot for Almost a Rainbow!

  11. oh yeah - what a great spot to photograph your quilt - that's terrific!! And I love the bee block - just what I had in mind - thank you!!

  12. Yes that beach hut? adds great vibrancy to your quilt!
    My favourite blackbird in our garden is called Helen!! Shes quite plump and likes to eat a lot, I think they only have the name in common!

  13. Beautiful photos of a stunning quilt!!!

  14. Love the beach hut or whatever that is. Fabulous with your amazing quilt! Debbie will love her block. Very nice

  15. You make the prettiest stuff! I love the dress you made for your sister, and those blue and yellow backgrounds are perfect in your photos!

  16. Love the photoshoot!!! Have fun with the lads!

  17. you picked the perfect place for the photo shoot for your quilt.
    My sympathies ahead of time for having to spend the day with 90-12 YO boys. Ha!

  18. Wonderful photo shoot of Almost a Rainbow!! I love the dress you made your sister. Your LV block is brilliant too, fun fabrics! Have fun on camp, you'll have earnt your sewing time by the weekend!

  19. Gorgeous eye candy in this post! Your quilt is beautiful and I love your sister's cushion. Happy camping!

  20. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful quilt at the beach huts! Have fun camping - my 2 sons were meant to go on school camp this week but it has been cancelled due to the flooding:(

  21. Almost a Rainbow has to be one of the most delicious quilts I've ever seen - especially love to bright yellow and blue background.

    Happy camping. It's will be "fun" x

  22. The quilt is truly amazing. Great pot or the photoshoot. Good luck with the kids!

  23. The dress is so cute. Your slender sis can really pull it off. As for your quilt... all I can say is Wow! It's really stunning, and the background for the pictures is great. You Aussies are gluttons for punishment with taking children on too-long, overnight school trips! I do not envy you. All I can say is that I hope you return home to a nice glass of Hunter Valley wine! Hungerford Hill comes to mind...

  24. Hope you survived the boys!
    Love the photos of the quilt, you found a fabulous backdrop.
    I really like the fabrics you've used in the low volume block.

  25. Oh my goodness! The quilt just glows against the beach houses. You should frame that yellow picture!! And what a cute dress! I bet you are as tan as your sister now!!

  26. Oh, what a wonderful post. From the fab dress on your sister, to the money shot of your quilt in front of the colorful doors (my fav, too).

    So glad to see you Bee Block--because I've been wondering how to do mine!


  27. Wow you are such an inspiration. Love the dress you made your sis, wow, great fabrics. Your Almost a Rainbow looks AWESOME at the beach, great photos and oh my how did you survive taking 90 boys to the beach. I think i would have run screaming from that!!

  28. Ooh, I love everything on this post....your beautifully modelled dress, perfect setting for Almost a Rainbow, gorgeous cushion and block! Hope you survived the beach camp with the boys!

  29. Hi. I love your "Almost a Rainbow" quilt. I've just started the same pattern but I'm just hand sewing the pieces not paper piecing them.
    It's interesting to see a different setting, it looks amazing.

  30. I am about a month behind not sure I will ever catch up. Love your quilt. No expecting to see anything else from you ........... does anyone survive 90 twelve year old boys on a beach camp.


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