Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zakka Peg Board.....

I had picked this out, fairly early on, as one of the 

projects I definitely wanted to make

from the Zakka Style book!

I used a 5" hoop......

so its only little!

I used "Heat'nBond" to adhere those pesky bunting 

triangles down first ....

And finished with a little pink polka dot peg!

I can see more of these in my future.....

Maybe a green one....

or a yellow one!

The cute little pegs are crying out to be used!

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Happy days!



  1. Wow, I love these. I'd seen them on pinterest, without the peg, but didn't know where the pattern came from.

  2. Very cute! Love your dotted pegs!

  3. Those dotty pegs are very cute - and these would be great in different colours!

  4. You and Kirsten are tempting me to open up my Zakka book again.

  5. That is a cute and simple project that is so effective!
    Make one in each colour!

  6. Oh so cute!! It's fun seeing your different color combos!

  7. That's very cute and I love your other colourways too.

  8. So cute Susan and love those pegs!

  9. Gosh those hoops get cuter and cuter each time I see one! I just have to choose which linen to use =D

  10. lovely! where does one find such cute little clothespins?

  11. So cute! Do you have one in your classroom! I think you should make one for each desk so the boys can pin their assignment reminders. I am sure that would keep them from forgetting homework :) Susan, they are so cute. I think we have that book in the shop...I need to pick one up!

  12. those little clothes pegs are just adorable! Lovely hoop...maybe you need one in each room of the house?

  13. so cute. Where did you find the pegs. They are adorable and cry out for more projects to be made

  14. So cute!!! The green and yellow will look fab too :) Very cute pegs!


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