Sunday, September 16, 2012

Playing Nicely...

Radioactive was doing my head in.....

It has been banished until it can play nicely!

 I was seriously tempted to start something new 

but I resisted.....


And dug my Sherbet Pips out of hiding- from last 


oops! Its upside down!
Based loosely on this pattern...

"Sea Breeze" by Mary Cowan

It was pleasure to sew with such pretty fabric, and 

soft colours.....

And straight lines!

These images still make me smile, even if this fabric 

is so 'last year'!

Sweet girls swinging...

I changed the original layout around a bit...

I really wanted to include the puppy dogs 


So with some creative piecing....

they are now running around the outside of

"Pips Playground".....

Finished size: 49" X 67"

Happy days!



  1. Pips is such a fun fabric line, and your quilt is wonderful!

  2. What a pretty layout! And I love the addition of hometown (one of my ultimate faves) for the border. Who cares if it's so last year??! ;)

  3. Gorgeous! This is one of my favourite fabric lines, and the pattern really shows it off :)

  4. Oooohh I really like it! Very sweet!

    www dot quiltingwithcalicos dot blogspot dot com

  5. Fabrics being so last year? Never. They are in style no matter what the year or season! A gorgeous quilt top, I love those prints =D

  6. Suz, it's gorgeous!! I love the clever border. I think Sherbet Pips is such a beautiful range, the colours are just right and the patterns are so cute you can't help but smile.

  7. Oh tell me about it - whenever I finish something it is always 'so last year' as I take so long to finish anything! It's looking great Susan - love the dogs running round the outside.

  8. Love what you are doing with your 'Pips! I still have some of this as well as some Little Apples here that I haven't used yet either:)

  9. Great placement of the eye catching fabrics. Looks beautiful Suz :)

  10. I think this fabric is still 'with it'. Your project is gorgeous.

  11. I love the Pips! Your quilt layout is great...glad you are back at it!!

  12. It is good to let some of them simmer a bit longer. I love the pips quilt...I still love that line and the pups are my favorite! It looks great...can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  13. Aw, lovely! I think the pups are the best part of the line. So nice to see them running around :)

  14. The fabric sounds like a lot of fun to work with!

  15. Isn't it fun to get a quick project finished after your mind and fingers have been working so hard on a more complex one? This looks like a fun quilt

  16. oh my goodness this is so adorable!! Love the pattern you created and the border is brilliant :)

  17. That is so cute, not last year at all.


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