Sunday, September 30, 2012

M.M @ T.T

I spent a fun Friday sewing here.....

 with Judy Newman....

That's Judy at the back there...
making this....

Museum Medallion quilt

Well, the start at least!

It is ALL hand pieced!

I began with these pieces.....

but I am not that thrilled with it.

The star points read too much as solids....

and I think I will take out the blue.....

So my star will be getting a makeover!

The colours of the macaroons were an inspiration...

as well as being delicious!

This is Cathy's amazing block....

She is going to applique her centre to that wonderful 

Madrona Rd text fabric....

Cathy blogs over at Cabbage Quilts and it was such a 

delight to meet her....

Emma, Judy and Cathy
Wish I had more stitching time with her...

Maybe next time....

We will be meeting up in the New Year to check out 

everyone's progress!

I had better getting stitching!

Happy days!



  1. How fun..... always so great to meet up with such inspirational people...

  2. Hand pieced huh? Good for you! Sounds like great fun - and macarons! yummy

  3. Wasn't it a divine day Susan? I had a blast meeting you and would def love to stitch with you again!! I love your star and the dotties around the star look fabulous. At least at this stage it won't be too hard to take out the blue, can't wait to see what you do. xo

  4. How fun! Isn't it funny how we edit midstream? I think it is great that you can look at it assess what you have done and make adjustments until it suits you. That's a good thing! Wow! It must have been wonderful meeting Cathy! I love her blog! Your quilt will be lovely, Susan :)

  5. Looks like such a fun day - love the medallion you are making!

  6. This looks amazing. What a wonderful class!

  7. What a lovely quilt to make and the class looks like great fun!

  8. That is a beautiful block to strive for.

  9. What a great class to take! And macaroons too - I would be in heaven.

  10. Well, I don't see anything wrong with your star, but then I don't have your idea in my head to compare it to. You'll have to publish the adjustments so we can follow the progress. Wow!

  11. Oh wow! That is just amazing! I have to say, I really like yours as it is right now...

  12. Macaroons as inspiration my foot! ;-) Lovely lovely blocks - what a great class. Jealous!

  13. Oh I could do with some of that inspiration!

  14. lovely quilt..........enjoy creating it...........

  15. This sounds like a fun experience! You were rubbng shoulders with some creative people....Cathy's blog is a favorite of mine. She's a rock star!

  16. Looks fun.. It looks like a great quilt is coming.. The museum medallion is stunning..


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