Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIPS Wednesday, again

I have used the first days of my Spring break catching 

up with household business-

ironing, window washing, getting a haircut, sleeping  

and shopping....

Pretty, isn't it?

for fabric from Amitie for my Medallion Workshop on 


(I'll be back with something to show on Saturday,

 I hope!)

I have done a little stitching.....

Jazz Hands # 9 is complete!

And some secret sewing....

for a Flick'r swap!

Dasher is getting a friend....

And I finally gifted my "Crossroads" quilt.....

which is now being used.....

Should I be offended my friend called it a 'rug'?!!!

Linking up with Freshly Pieced....

Happy sewing!



  1. looks like you have been busy xx does it matter what it is called as long as it is loved and used? For you to decide xx

  2. Ooh lots of lovelies happening over here!

    How nice to see that the new "rug" is well loved!

  3. So pleased you got the boring household stuff out of the way. That means the rest of the holidays are yours.
    Gorgeous fabrics and lovely projects on the go. Can you tell me if the iron on transfers are re-useable?
    Calling your quilt a rug is no problem - you know the rose by any other name quote. I agree with Diane - as long as it is loved.
    Enjoy your medallion workshop.

  4. Your crossroads quilt is beautiful!! Sounds like you are keeping busy! Enjoy!!

  5. I always love seeing what you are working on...always so colorful and pretty. Enjoy every minute of your break!

  6. Spring break? Oh yeah, now I remember why you are taking spring break. Lovely stack of fabric. And CUTE reindeer. I bought the patterns early in the year so they would be done by this Christmas. I should probably get started on those...

    And your crossroads quilt is lovely!and being loved.

  7. The secret swap sewing looks very cute. Curious to see what that becomes! Also you have reminded me that I need to schedule a haircut...

  8. Rug!!!?? Do not be offended, be ANGRY!

  9. Gosh what a great bundle of fabrics!

    loving the sneak of the secret flickr project.
    Dancer looks so cool!!
    Yes you should be greatly offended! A quilt that nice thrown on the floor and walked all over! =D

  10. Gorgeous sewing on show here. Such a beautiful 'rug' too.

  11. First of all, let me say I am getting super excited for that Medallion quilt! The fabric you have chosen is fabulous! I used the blue version of your orangey/yellow fabric in Molly's wedding quilt. And the little guy playing on the quilt is so darn cute! I guess it is called crossroads for good reason. It is a fabulous quilt - so glad to see a photo of it again!


  12. If you don't mind me asking, what Crossroads pattern is that? Is it your own design? I looked up crossroads patterns but there are a number of them with that name and none of them remind me of yours. Thanks!

  13. you finished a lot! Well done.

  14. You've picked a lovely combo for your Medallion quilt! It's great to see Crossroads being used. Love your sneak peek photos and Dancer cracked me up, so cute and funny!!

  15. Dancer is just awesome and I love the sneak peek of your project! Love the fabrics for your medallion quilt - have fun at the workshop.

  16. hahaha. a rug, how awesome. jazz hands looks great, you're getting up there!

  17. Love the hand stitched Dasher and Dancer! Can't wait to see the final flickr swap project!


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