Thursday, September 6, 2012


stands for Modern Quilted Pillow Swap!

This is secret sewing at its best!

Simply...make a pillow and send a photo to Tiina the 


Close up!

They are published on Flick'r under the MQPS 


When the time is up everyone with a pillow entered 

ranks them!

The back.....

It's fun trying to guess who, from this group of 60+ 

sewers, made what!

The maker of the pillow with the most votes receives 

her first choice, and so on! 

This is the pillow I made...

inspired by a mini quilt I saw here!

I used my Echo scraps and Kona Ash.

It's now off to its new home,

and I'm waiting to see which one is mine?

It's a shame MrPnP was partial to this one......


Happy sewing!



  1. I love your cushion - looks like your Echo scraps were put to good use! It is often surprising what can be achieved with a limited quantity and a bit of imagination.

  2. What a fun way to have a swap. I hope what you receive is as lovely as what you made because this is really perfect

  3. Suz, This is a really beautiful cushion. Whoever receives this will be so happy!!

  4. You can always make another. It is beautiful so I am not surprised himself was partial.

  5. Beautiful! Why are they always partial to stuff we give away and more critical of the things we make for keeping? Sillies... :)

  6. Oh it's beautiful! Each round of the MQPS I plan to make one and participate in the swap, but I haven't finished on yet.... Wish I had now!

  7. Beautiful! Who wouldn't adore getting this!

  8. Great idea; I would be paranoid about having to keep mine as it was ranked last by everyone!
    Love yours!

  9. Wow that sounds like such a fun idea, is another one coming up?
    Such a gorgeous pillow, you can't go wrong with Echo! =D

  10. Of course he was! It is fabulous! I love this pillow with the little bursts of echo! Someone is going to be smiling from ear to ear when they see this on their doorstep!

  11. I love this kind of swap, I'm hoping I can join in at some stage in the not too distant future.
    That is a fabulous use of scraps Suz, it's lovely I can understand why the Mr would like to have kept it.

  12. You've outdone yourself here. It's gorgeous.

  13. Love the pillow! Today, I posted that I'm leaning toward making a quilt with this method for my next leader/ender project...great minds think alike, I guess!

  14. my gosh it will be hard to choose I bet!!
    ps. shh just whispering 'I've lost you again!' grrr!

    Have a nice weekend xx

  15. I love this pillow, maybe it is coming my way?

  16. BEAUTIFUL! It's amazing how you can make gorgeous things like this with your little scrappy bits. Well done.

  17. I love these little flashes of colour. I'd like a whole scrappy quilt like this. Would that be too huge a project for this technique? Pardon me for asking but being rather newish to quilting, I am constantly amazed at how long the various steps in quilting take me. Now when I see that someone has just made a cushion, I start to wonder if that isn't because a big quilt is just too much of a commitment for a particular block or technique. Of course, it's always possible that someone just wanted a cushion, which might be the case here since it looks like a relatively easy design. Still, I don't trust my own perceptions.


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