Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Arrived Early...

in my home!

Look at the pretty wrapping!

But more excitingly, this was nestled inside one package... toes! How did that happen?
 An amazing quilt in my favourite colours of red and aqua,

 See the blocks with the sweetest little bow ties in the corners!

And the fabulous French fabric... 

And will you look at the Spring garden on the back!

With its hand embroidered label!

All fantastically hand quilted by my dear friend Mary!

It has brought back many fond memories of my holidays in Paris...

And will make me think of my special friend every day!

Can you tell I love everything about my beautiful new quilt!

Words don't seem enough!

Oh, I almost forgot!

 This sweet tea towel was in the other package....

from Anthropologie! 

- but I don't think any dirty dishes will be coming anywhere near this

any time soon  


Thank you again Mary, I will treasure my early Christmas present, always!

Happy days indeed!



  1. How amazing!! Just when you decide to give your little Paris quilt away another beautiful Paris quilt arrives!! How wonderful!! And what an amazing quilt!!! I love that you and Mary are such great friends!! 3 cheers for bloggy friends!!

  2. That quilt is gorgeous!! What a fantastic pressie to find in your mailbox!!!

  3. Wow! Two beautiful gifts from the lovely Mary!

  4. I agree with Rachael, how wonderful that you now have a new Paris quilt after giving away your other beautiful one.
    Lucky you to have such a wonderful friend as Mary.

  5. Looks like you could have a potential replacement header?

  6. Absolutely beautiful - what a brilliant friend you have indeed x

  7. There's no better gift a quilter can get, it's wonderful.

  8. Oh that is such a thoughtful gift from your friend. Very special. Enjoy!

  9. Oh I am so green! You are very lucky to have some of Mary's making but I know she loves your apron too!

    Great swap I think!

  10. what fabulous post!

  11. The blogosphere is such a fab place to be. Lovely work Mary, and lucky you Susan! Enjoy!

  12. Jackpot! Aren't you a lucky lady!


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