Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Finish...

for 2011!

A friend will become a grandmother for the first time soon!

As it has been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time,

I didn't need another excuse to make this.....

This is a Denyse Schmidt free pattern, available here!

The patchwork was the easy part!

The rest.....Well,

I'm not sure I'd make another one!

Although he is pretty cute, isn't he?

Oh, I did some fabric shopping today too!

But I will leave that until another time!

Happy days!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. very cute.. and the fabrics are so cheerful...

  3. He's adorable Suz!! This little fellow used to be very popular "way back when" - I have a very old toy pattern book and a similar puppy is in there! You have done a great job making him and I'm sure your friend will love it!!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Loving the colours you used but can see that piecing the front and the back together to the long strip might be a bit of a nightmare!

  5. He's gorgeous Suz!! Just think .... all that work will be thoroughly cherished by it's recipient, so .... So worth it too!! Thanks for the link to the pattern too!

  6. I've always loved that pattern too. Your colours are fabulous. I predict many fun hours of playing with this little guy by someone who loves him.

  7. He looks so cute, a pity he was not so easy to make. Love your colour choices and I'm sure he will be well loved in his new home.

  8. I love this! You did a spectacular job on this and I can imagine how tricky it is!!! A great gift for a new little one :)

  9. This has been on my list too, but not that I hear he gave you trouble...hmmmm. You are right - he sure is cute though!!

  10. He is so cute, what a wonderful gift!

  11. Very cute!! Sometimes the cute things are the trickiest ;)

  12. Pretty cute gift and a nice finish for 2011. Looking forward to more of the Farmer's tales in 2012! Happy New Year.

  13. sometimes those cute little projects can drive you mad, huh? I did one yesterday that I almost cried over. But, your little dog is quite cute.

  14. I made one of these too in some of the DSQ fabrics - and I agree with the patchwork being the easy bit:)


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