Sunday, December 4, 2011

Summer Breeze!

is finished!

I spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon machine quilting this....

(Sorry about the photos, it is very dull here today!)

with some of that lovely aqua thread I bought from Kat!

I chose the background fabric from one of the pieces on the front which I really 


I chose to quilt it with straight lines about 3/4 of an inch apart!

I didn't think I could trust my eye so thought of this method...

I was taught how to hand quilt a straight line many years ago, by using 

masking tape.

And I was reminded of it when I saw Mary's lovely work the other day!

And it worked a treat...

Organic is how it's described, I believe!

And I was able to get it bound and finished all in the one day!

Don't you love it when things go smoothly!

Final dimensions- 33" X 39"

But big is not always beautiful!

Happy sewing!



  1. Mine is still sitting on the design wall - about two or three seams to go for the top to be finished. I, of course, have been distracted! Your backing fabric is just to die for... not to mention the binding. Delicious!

  2. Beautiful colours. I really like the green and aqua together. Love the fabrics and your quilting looks great!

  3. That's a stunner, I love the colours. I've just finished doing "organic" straight lines too. I love that we can use the word organic, it's way better than wonky :)

  4. oh yummy colours! Love it! I use masking tape too - sure saves a lot of hassle - great for when you want to quilt diagonally too

  5. Gorgeous, and that binding looks fantastic!

  6. I love it, those colours are so fresh and zingy!! I've just finished basting my Jumpin Jack quilt and plan to do straight line quilt. I hope mine turns out as good as yours!! Did you start quilting (from edge to edge)your lines in the middle? Love that spotty binding, almost a trademark for your quilts..

  7. Love this quilt! Summer Breeze is the perfect name for it. The colors are fabulous with the aqua and the lemony yellow...fantastic! Great binding too...the perfect dot for this quilt. I love straight line quilting. I have used the little guide {arm} for my walking foot, but I dont always feel like I am stitching a straight line using the guide. I don't think you can go too wrong with masking tape. LOVE your quilt, Suz!

  8. very nice finish. I have used masking tape before and it works so well.

  9. It looks great! I love the colours, and the quilting is perfect. I really like the backing fabric you chose too :)

  10. That is a lovely cheerful quilt, love it!

  11. Hi, Suz! I especially love the colours you chose and the backing fabric would have been my choice, too. You make it look so easy! I really must try this "organic" straight line quilting.

  12. Lovely especially the polka binding, there's a lot of it about lately ;o)

  13. What beautiful fabrics you chose. Just gorgeous.


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