Thursday, November 3, 2011

Star Gazing...

with the Farmer's Wife!

Denyse and I passed a pleasant evening recently, looking at the night sky...

We were able to find the Big Dipper...

the Evening Star.....

and finally the Northern Lights!

And as it was such a starry, starry night,

the Farmer's Wife and I thought you might like this!


Happy sewing!



  1. I love your Denise Schmidt fabrics for the Farmer's Wife blocks-- very unique!

  2. I love the names of the blocks and, of course, I love your blocks. The Denyse fabrics are perfect! Thanks for sharing a little Don McLean this morning...I hadn't thought about him for years.

  3. Evening Star is particularly awesome Mrs S. x

  4. Oh my Stars!! I love your lovely blocks!! I don't usually click on you tube videos but I'm glad I clicked on this one, Seeing all those VanGogh paintings was just lovely and I do love that song!

  5. Any friend of Marys is a friend of mine, you're welcome to sit with me in my garden as long as youbring some fabulous patchwork!!

  6. Your Denyse posts are too much fun! I keep looking to see what is going to happen next :o) My library's version of the book did not have the disk so I am going to buy it today! You gave me the little push I needed to get it! Thanks for the giggles :o)


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