Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

but that's as far as my Halloween celebrations go!

Australians don't really 'do' Halloween...

You will just have to put up with seeing what I have been up to!

I am participating in a Christmas Table Runner Swap over on Flick'r...

And after a couple of 'false starts' involving Christmas trees,

it has finally come together!

I am rather pleased with its crisp, clean look...

which I will add some simple hand quilting to!

Fingers crossed my partner will like it too!

I've even organised the binding....

This cute little dish I picked up in Sportsgirl yesterday...

I contemplated keeping it as a gift,

but not for long!

I found a perfect use for it!!!

Happy days!



  1. I was wondering what these stars were going to be. This is a delightful table runner. it looks great.
    We have had quite a few knocks on the door tonight for trick or treat. The kids are having good fun.

  2. Well, I had 30 bags ready (really neat goodies too!!) and I have about 6 left so that would be four for me and two for the other half!!! :-) Like I need it!!

    LOVE the Xmas table runner. It really is time to get the Xmas list done. I have just started on the Tis the Season blocks but I guess they will be for NEXT Christmas!!

  3. That table runner is Beautiful!!! I love it's cool crisp style. Your partner is going to LOVE it!! That dish is gorgeous too, very cool indeed!!

  4. Love hte table runner - like you said very fresh! Just let's not put it on the table if serving beetroot! Love the little dish too!

  5. Heaven's to Betsy!!! That table runner is FANTASTIC!!! I love the crispness!! As much as I like modern and wonky...there is nothing better than perfectly placed points!!! So, so wonderful, Susan! If your partner doesn't want it, I would be happy to take it off your hands...hee hee!

  6. The runner is stunning! And you definitely need to keep that cut little dish to hold all pending bindings, it's perfect.

  7. love your table runner. Stars and crisp white background=perfection.

  8. this is so pretty. i love those stars.

  9. What a very fun Christmas tablerunner, Susan! And I love seeing it on our halloween day!

  10. Oh, it's come together so nicely! Very crisp and Christmassy! Love the stripey binding too, reminds me of elves' socks.


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