Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The number nine...

is the only thing these Farmer's Wife blocks have in common!

It's the number of pieces in each of today's blocks...

I like the fresh simplicity of # 29- Economy.

This is # 77 - Seasons....

which looks kind of like Spring/Summer and Winter rolled into one pretty block!

And finally #5 is Bat Wing!

(I think this one will be need to set square in the quilt.)

Here they are all together!

So I have a more definite plan for my blocks now...

Some will be set on point and some square...

I just think some blocks work best that way, don't you?

Happy Sewing!



  1. I am loving the colours and fabrics you are choosing! It is going to be a gorgeous quilt

  2. I agree with you! Some do show off best set on point while others need to be square. These are great blocks and it is just amazing to me that these blocks are only 6.5 inches square{?}. That is pretty durn small! Looks wonderful, Suz!

  3. Nice work on those blocks, it is sure time for me to get back to the FW too.

  4. pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the batwing :)

  5. I say this every time but I just love your FW blocks! Keep them coming! I agree some look better on point and others not.

  6. I am interested in your setting idea. How now brown cow?


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