Sunday, November 20, 2011

Like Sands Through an Hour Glass...

Yes, another episode of the FW soap opera....

Denyse is a hard worker....

from "Morning"

#57 (Lots of little pieces here!)

through "Noon and Light"

#60 (I tried to 'fussy cut' these!)

to the "End of Day"!

#30 This is a favourite!

so are the days of our her life!

Happy days!

(PS- I wanted to show you the Mug Rug I sent to Julie... 

she received it yesterday!)



  1. Love your soap opera theme!! My grandma used to watch Days of Our Lives. Your new blocks are wonderful and so is the Mug Rug!! Great work!

  2. I'm tired just looking at these. Obviously these farmers' wives had far too much time on their hands. All those pieces, amazing! It's going to be a great quilt, one that you can sit and gaze at for ages as you contemplate each block. I see an heirloom coming on Suz!
    P.S. Love the mug rug too, so cute and nice touch to make it hexagonal.

  3. Mug rug is darling!! And so are the blocks! I like # 30, too---very nice!!!

  4. The farmers wife blocks are gorgeous - going to be a lovely fresh looking quilt when it all goes together! Love that mug rug too

  5. These are the Days of our Lives!!! Hee hee! Look at all those little pieces....I can't imagine how small they are! Your piecing and fussy cutting are perfect. Julie is a lucky girl to get a mug rug from you!

  6. Oh I am definitely a morning person xx

  7. That last one is my fave too. Just beautiful colours that work so well together.

  8. "Like sands through the hour glass", so are the days of our lives. Looking great, Suz. Love the mug rug too

  9. I just love your FW blocks! So pretty!

  10. What delights for the eyes today.....and the comment box works now! YAY!

  11. I'm starting to look forward to your weekly update on the Farmers Wife, you are turning it into quite an interesting saga.
    Love the mug rug and the way you have placed the hexies so that you have the star in the centre. Beautiful!

  12. Oh dear. Look at the tiny pieces in these blocks!
    The mug rug you made is super gorgeous. Love that snowflake.

  13. Hardworking indeed! What a beautiful day that is! Gorgeous mug rug too - I adore snowflakes :)


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