Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeling Special!

I have just participated in THE best swap ever!

The Christmas Mug Rug Swap on Flick'r.

This one ran a little differently, in that we knew, from the very beginning, who 

our partner was.

We were only allowed to post 'sneak peaks'.

So far my partner Julie has only seen this....

But today I received this....

And these are just the extras!

Fabric, stickers tags, ribbon!  

And not just one mug rug.....

...beautifully free-pieced and quilted!

But two!!!

Look at this cute little red Christmas bike carrying a Christmas Tree!

With its pretty spot flange and swirled quilting!

Didn't Julie 'read' me well?

And here are the backs....

as pretty as the fronts!

These beauties are too lovely to spoil with tea or coffee stains!

They will be a highlight of my Christmas decorating!

I am indeed feeling very special today!  

Thank you Julie!

Check out her lovely work over here...

Happy days!



  1. Woohoo!!! Wowza!!! I was gushing over the believe mug rug and then scrolled down and saw the bike, oh my jolly golly!! It's absolutely fabulous!! Suz, if you ever get tired of that amazing mug rug you can send it to me!

  2. They really are gorgeous - and how awesome is that bike? That's what I love about the bloggie crafty community, they take the time to find out what you love and then carry on it that vein. So cool!

  3. Geezy Peezy!!! How fantastic! The package of extras are so cute....I want to come over and check them out more carefully. And then the mug rugs are absolutely the perfect Cheery Christmas additions. I agree with Rachael - the bike is fabulous!!! Julie is a swappers dream...LOL!

  4. That certainly was a GREAT swap. Both mug rugs are gorgeous but the bike is just the winner for me. Julie has done a brilliant job. Enjoy.

  5. What did you do to score such lovely gifts? Both mug rugs are stunning, but that bicycle is amazing and so YOU! Lucky, lucky girl. Who was your partner? I's love to check out her flickr and blog.

  6. Those are awesome mug rugs...

  7. Wow you did so well, the whole package is fantastic. I love the bike and the Xmas tree, perfect!

  8. Oh they are so original!
    Can't wait to see yours now!

  9. How clever is Julie. What wonderful presents.


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