Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making Friends with the Farmer's Wife!

While many of our blogging friends are living it up at the Sewing Summit,

I spent some quality time with the Farmer's Wife this weekend!

The Friendship is developing slowly....

# 39 "Friendship"

without too much un nitpicking.....
I really like this block!
#40 "Friendship Block"

(But you gotta wonder about the creativity of the names for some of these

#41 "Friendship Star"

There is not a lot of contrast in this block, but that's okay too.....

Friendships are built on commonalities, don't you think?

And here are all the blocks, playing nicely together, if I do say so myself!

How did you spend your weekend?

With friends, I hope!

Happy days!



  1. Very jealous I'm not attending that sewing summit! Those 'murricans have all the fun.
    Love your fabric choices here as they feel really downhome country farmer to me. That kind of modern rustic vibe. Very appropriate for the patterns!

  2. The blocks are looking great in the DS fabric.

  3. I am enjoying the fabrics you are using - you and the famrers wife seem to be getting on quite well.

  4. I spent yesterday in a mood, today is better, especially after seeing your blocks x

  5. You are really powering through the FW blocks. Love the way you have used the DS fabrics.

  6. Looks like the Farmer's wife is playing nicey-nice with you. Lovely blocks.

  7. They look so bright and cheery! I really like the friendship star but they're all great :)

  8. Hello friendly blocks!! Suz, they're fabulous!!

  9. Awww...the Friendship Block is so sweet! And they do play nicely together :) This has been a busy weekend....I am glad it is almost over!

  10. The Farmers Wife looks complex....! Did you Foundation Piece it? They all look good!
    I made a bag this weekend - my first attempt! Looks pretty good I think... I will definitely use it as I love the Amy Butler fabric I splurged on! I used the pattern from "Sew Soiled" and made the Cabrio Tote.

  11. So pretty! Love it in those fabrics!

  12. Love all of your DS fabrics....just love your fabrics in general!! Keep going!!

  13. Block names always get me wondering about them. Some are obvious .... but most of them are bewildering. Your blocks are delightful.


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