Friday, October 21, 2011

In Celebration!

Of fabric....

won in a recent giveaway from Clover and Violet!

Can you believe that I have never owned a Charm Pack!

So I don't really know what to make with all this loveliness?

Suggestions please!

Also celebrating my son receiving his Master's Degree, with Honours!

And then this weekend MrPnP and I celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

We will be spending the weekend in Victoria's Spa Country!

And I won't be taking any sewing!

Happy days !



  1. what a great day...a winner, a grad and an anniversary. Congrats on all accounts!

  2. As much as I love the fabric, I think more congratulations are due to the younger and and older PnPs for their achievements! Have a lovely trip x

  3. Congrats on your sons Masters and on you and your Hubz 30 years.... it's a special milestone... pearls!! Enjoy the weekend celebrating
    I love charm packs.... moda bakeshop has some nice patterns.. bags, mini quilts... I've done a pinwheels table runner tutorial....

  4. I love OhFransson's charm squares baby quilt - have a look:

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Err won't you get bored, ya know, without some sewing...... ;-)

    I love charm squares there are loads of free patterns to choose from on moda or do a search on google.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! 30 years is a wonderful achievement. Enjoy your romantic weekend away.
    Plus a big congrats to your son on his degree.


  7. Charm packs are so sweet to just flick through like a book, and fun for sewing! You'll cone across a zillion patterns on the net. The moda bakehouse is great for precut ideas. Congratulations to your son! You must be so proud!! And once again happy 30 years to you two! I know you're enjoying your weekend!

  8. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! Have a wonderful time on your get-away!!! 30 something to celebrate!!!

  9. Congrats on winning, to your son's degree, and your anniversary. Have a wonderful time!

  10. What a wonderful week you had - I hope you enjoyed your weekend and please contact me when you get back as you were the winner of the sample labels from LiSashay! Congratulations Suz x


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