Friday, August 12, 2011

Easy Peasy Geese!

I decided I wanted to border some of my Modern Sampler blocks with some 

flying geese blocks.

And I found a fabulous pattern here!

Apart from some 'tricky' calculations involving seven eighths of an inch....

The method was straightforward and surprisingly economical on fabric!

You start with one large coloured square and four smaller squares....

Ooops!  That's a little blurry!
and with some sewing, cutting and ironing we go from this...

to this.....

to this....

to four of these!

Now, how am I going to use these?

Happy sewing!



  1. I'm a bit slow and it took me two lots of scrolling through the pics to figure it out, but wow, that is so simple isn't it!

  2. Very neat! Do you add 7/8ths to the finished size of your square? I love easy, fast ways to put blocks together. Your flying geese look great!

  3. Excellent Suz. This is how I make my flying geese too.

  4. Ohh, I'll have to try that! I love flying geese, they'll look awesome on your modern sampler!

  5. Looks like a clever method for making flying geese!

  6. Fantastic.... I hadn't seen this before and avoided flying geese as I thought there was too much waste... I will be trying this... thanks so much...

  7. That's the same method my Mom and I used to make "Geese In The Park" (Moda Bake Shop Tutorial). Here's the link to really good instructions on how to do this ...


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