Monday, August 8, 2011

From the Vault!

 I'd like to share another quilt I made nearly 10 years ago!

(I posted this a couple of days ago but somehow when I went looking for it, it wasn't there!!! Spooky!)

I didn't know much about chain piecing when I made my Flying Nine Patch!

I gathered fabrics from all over to make this quilt!

The colours are quite dull but I still love how it looks-

After repeated washings!

Lots of chain piecing of flying geese and nine patch blocks...

Make up this large 75" X 65" quilt.

I had it professionally machine quilted..

My name for it- "Mullum Mullum Autumn" -came from the place where we were 

living at the time....

Mullum Mullum is an aboriginal word for 'place of many big birds'!

Kind of appropriate for a flying geese quilt, don't you think!

Happy days!



  1. i think it beautiful ad i love the name - very appropriate

  2. Your quilt is still beautiful and I'm sure hold many memories. I really like the embroidered label you made!

  3. Oh I LOVE this! Very nice Suz! And I don't think it is dull at looks like it may have some homespun {?} I adore quilts with homespun :) Great name too!

  4. I love this Suz!! The colours are beautiful and not dull at all! Such a great pattern! Thanks for sharing an older quilt with us, any more in the vault?

  5. Just saw this on Flickr and came over to nose at your blog :-). I love flying geese and this is fabulous. I love the colour palette - restful rather than dull I think!


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