Friday, August 26, 2011

Sisters are Special!

Are you lucky enough to have a sister?

My darling Mum made these dresses!
I am!

This is a quilt I recently finished for my sister's upcoming birthday....

I took the opportunity of some lovely Melbourne Spring weather 

to take some

rare outside photos!

This has been a rather long time in the making.....

So I am not sure, but I think I designed this one myself.

Although there is not much originality in it!

I had it professionally machine quilted by Desley 

@ Addicted to Quilts

As usual she did a fabulous job!

And that's where the spotted binding went!

Can you tell I love this quilt?

And I love that Helen loves it too!

Happy days!



  1. I really like the fabric and colour combinations in this quilt. I also like the way you have used the stripe fabric in the same section of each block then mirrored it in the piano key border.
    Love the backing.
    I think your sister is very lucky!

  2. Lucky sister!!!
    My sister is nearer to you than me, being in Wellington!

  3. Love the Design & Fabrics in this Quilt..
    It's Lovely that you have someone Special to Pass it onto ...

  4. Your sister is very lucky, that's a gorgeous quilt. I really like the way you have used the stripes in the blocks. love the backing fabric too.

  5. The colors are SEW beautiful with each block complimenting the next in design. What a awesome gift!

  6. This is a great eye-popping quilt! Love its boldness! So glad she loves it!

  7. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. A fantastic gift for your sister! What great colors, love the stripes framing the center square, and the piano key border is perfect! Well, then there is the perfect dotted binding and, what is that backing fabric? It is fabulous? I am sure my sister { Shawn 6 yrs older } would just cry if I gifted such a nice quilt to her :)

  8. Love this quilt - the whole lot of it - the colours are great, really enjoy the design, the border sets it off nicely the back is perfect as it the binding - lucky sister!

  9. What a lovely quilt and what a lucky sister to receive this as a present. I have five sisters all of whom are still waiting for quilts - I keep telling them all good things come to those who wait. Take care.

  10. Your sister is very lucky, this quilt is so great! I am always drawn back to the square in square quilts, they are the best!

  11. OMG, that photo is killing me, the cuteness is too much to bear. You're the one on the right, yes? With all those gorgeous blond curls? So sweet the pair of you. And your sister must be stoked, that is one gorgeous quilt!

  12. I love that photo of you and your sister! Your quilt is wonderful! It's do striking and fun! Great colours! It seems like you've whipped it up in no time! the polka dot binding is perfect!


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