Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Pandemonium of Parrots

Or would you rather a 'prattle'?

Whatever you call them Australia is home to many 

species of cockatoos and parrots!

Many live around my new regional home!

So when I stumbled across a budgie pattern,

found HERE, I knew I 

could adapt it to suit my purposes.

I purchased some new Japanese solids which feel 

beautiful and felt they would be 

a wonderful addition to my stash.

I did a practice one first.....

Can you see where I made an error change?

It is the extra piece of blue fabric on the lowe

left-hand side of the bird's body.

Once I had done that, I decided it made for a better 

shaped bird.

Again I made an improvement by giving the next bird a 

two-toned taill

Then with the more complicated design I also split the 

tail colour into two.

They look more like birds with their felt eyes.

On a recent morning walk, I saw a flock of these pink 

and grey galahs.

So had to make one of those too!

Looking at the above photo I think I could have placed the colours better....

There are a couple of extras pieces in this one to get a 

good range of colour.

I have four that I definitely want to use.....

I think I will let them sit on their perch for a bit and 

then decide where to go next.

Happy sewing!


PS I saw this painting at the Bendigo Art Gallery today.

It is by an Australian female artist, Ellis Rowan.




LintLady said...

Hello Suz,
this patterns are wonderful. Where did you get them from?
The colours you chose are nice.
I never saw a pink parrot before.
Happy stitching Doris :o)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Cute budgies. I LOVE that painting!

Susan Smith said...

Loving them & we do have so many varieties of coloured birds, so you have many to choose from. Wondering what they will become after they perch for a while. Cool mornings now, aren't they? Take care & hugs.

Karen S said...

Wow! Your birds are stunning. Looks like you have been doing a lot of successful experimenting.
Those fabrics are perfect as the colours are so vibrant. How many birds are native to Australia? You have quite a workload ahead of you!!

dutchcomfort said...

Your budgies are beautiful! What do you mea by Japanese solds? They look amazing!

Kim said...

Oh wow your colourful birds are amazing. Why, I recognise some of the parrots that visit my garden. Such happy and vibrantly coloured fabrics. The galah is a sweet fellow. What a joyous quilt this is going to be.

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