Saturday, August 6, 2022


 is a Jen Kingwell pattern in her "Quilt Recipes" book

I borrowed my copy from the library because I had 

looked at a sample copy at a nearby quilt shop.

This quilt was the only one I really liked.

So when my turn to borrow it came up, 

and I didn't have any other quilts to piece....

perfect timing.

In the book it is pieced with templates!

I fell out of love with these after I had finished a twelve month subscription 

to make another Jen Kingwell quilt, Delilah! 

I decided to make a Foundation Paper Piecing pattern.

Turns out I could have bought them pre-printed for a reasonable price!😬

I then got busy choosing a colour palette.

I have made two blocks already...

I think it takes longer to choose fabric combinations 

than it does to sew a block!

And I also have a name for it.....

but more on that soon!

Happy sewing...



Susan Smith said...

That was also the quilt I liked in her book, but couldn't really afford to buy book and never thought about the library. The name of the quilt really jumped out at me, because of Wensleydale in UK, which I know well being married to a Yorkshireman and having visited there and also love Wensleydale cheese. The Wensleydale Jen's quilt represents is actually a small town in the south west of our state, so not what I actually thought. I love the fabrics in your blocks so far & will have fun following your progress. Take care & hugs.

Karen S said...

This is a great start. Lovely to see the blocks coming together.
Smart move to get it from the library when there is only one pattern you want to use. And great timing.

quiltcat said...

oh da hast du dir ein tolles modell ausgesucht.ich hab schon eine gemacht mit all meinen scaps hat echt spass gemacht und war sicher nicht mein letzter, hab alles mit der hand genäht wie alle meine quilts. viel spass beim weitermachen
liebe grüsse aus österreich elfriede

Gretchen Weaver said...

The fabrics you are using are very pretty and look great in your blocks. Happy stitching!

FlourishingPalms said...

I've just seen these blocks on Instagram and I really like what you're making. The block size, and rectangle dimensions make it special. So you drew off your own foundation papers? Did you have to draw each one individually? I'm thinking that with the odd size, it probably wasn't possible to copy and print it on a printer, right? Good for you to be so resourceful and come up with a borrowed book and self-drawn pattern to save a bit of money! I like to do that too.

LintLady said...

Hi Suz,
this is a nice and easy pattern which will make a nice looking quilt then.
Yes, to choose the fabrics takes much more time than sewing. *lol*
Happy sewing :o) Doris

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Looking great so far. I love the palette you've chosen. I'm on the waitlist for this book at my local library too. I think there are 4 ahead of me.

Frogdancer Jones said...

This is going to be fantastic!
Love the colours you've chosen.
I've never done a foundation pieced quilt. Is it easy? said...

I’ve been resisting making this quilt and now your blocks have pushed me into finally buying the paper. I already have the book and there are several other quilts I like. I’ll let you know when I start my blocks, you should hear screaming from across the ocean.

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