Saturday, July 23, 2022

Starlit Sky

 What comes first- the pattern or the fabric?

As I tend to accumulate fabric at a greater rate than I can sew it, 

it's usually fabric.

I bought the Magneta Star pattern, by Carol at Freeboard Quilting Designs,

with the intentions of using my stash.

But as is often the way, I could not make it work.

So when I recently attended the Sew-In day with Racheldaisy as guest speaker,

I couldn't resist a little fabric purchase, with the express intention to use it for this pattern!

As I played around with possible combinations, I found I need to supplement it with some of my own fabric.

But luckily I have plenty of Aurifil threads to co-ordinate!

I had already purchased three metres of solid on sale from Darn Cheap so that is what I based my purchase on!

Here are some progress shots.... 

lots of half square triangles.

And fabric that reads as a solid!

the pressing instructions are fabulous with all seams nesting beautifully!

I've been playing around with the sashing too!

I hope to have this together very soon.

Happy sewing!



FlourishingPalms said...

Excellent! What a pretty color palette! Love the cool tones - blues, purples and greens - and they work beautifully with all those gorgeous Aurifil thread colors you received. Looks like 40-weight thread. Will you use it for piecing and quilting? The print you used in the middle of the blocks is really interesting. At first I thought you'd pieced fabrics together... please tell me you didn't. :-) Have fun with this project. said...

I just love your latest project and I do like a seam that nests. As for your latest fabric acquisitions, I bought some of the same pieces. I’m thinking if you lived next door to me, I could see some of my stash dwindling because I would so love to share with you. I enjoyed your photos from the Quilt Show and was wondering if you would make on of them, which one.

Susan Smith said...

That is going to be stunning and you are so far along with it already. Well done and look forward to seeing your progress. Take care & hugs.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

It's coming along beautifully. I love how we never seem to have just the right fabric for a project even though we have mountains of stash in our sewing rooms :)

Karen S said...

These are stunning blocks. I do like the fabric selection you have made. It is hard when you have an idea in your head but can't find it in your stash. Looks like you are well on the right path.

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