Tuesday, June 7, 2022


While I spend some of my days sewing,

my nights are often spent knitting, especially as the 

days grow cooler 


and the nights grow longer.


I have long wanted to knit socks!

 And tried many times…..and failed!


But I guess it was just about finding the easiest pattern 

for the old brain to follow!


For someone who made garments for more than forty 

years by sewing the pieces together,


there’s something pretty magical about creating a 

3D sock…..

                            With its heel flap, short rows and kitchener stitch!

My first effort with this pattern, Rose City Rollers by 

Mara Brynner on Ravelry,


was too big because I couldn’t find my small 2.25mm, 

toothpick-like needles!

It isn't actually pointy!

I used 3mm needles and a yarn that maybe a 5ply?

Anyway, they are a little big but perfect for lounging 


around on the couch in Winter.


The second pair, right size needle, right size yarn are 

much better.

I changed up the cuff which is not perfect but for me it's 

a learning experience.


Now I want to make more, in different designs and 

fabulous colours.... 


Just wish I could knit quicker!

But in the meantime, I'm hand piecing these bits for my 

Hearts Garden quilt......

Happy knitting!



Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Susan, always love seeing what you are up to. I have long wanted to knit socks. Yours are perfect and encouraging me. Presently my wooly project is another afghan in the works. Love all your stitching. Stay cozy!

Karen S said...

Your socks look so wonderfully snug and warm. They will be cosy for Winter. I have often wanted to knit socks, too, but have not yet jumped on board. Maybe this Winter will be so cold that I will finally do it.

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