Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Doily Bags

 I gave you a sneak peek of this project recently...

But forgot to show you the finished product!

As well as making a doily quilt, 

I had some larger, more special ones that needed 

showcasing more!

This one has been claimed by my sister...

So a second one was planned... 

and made!

The back, 

and the inside with a pocket which is hard to see!

I want to make some more with these...

so I am considering other sayings:

"Happiness is...Op Shopping"

"Get Your Sparkle On"

"Treat Yourself"

"Make a Difference"

"Reward Yourself"

Do you prefer any of these over others?

Or do you have any suggestions for me?


Happy sewing,



dutchcomfort said...

I know that my comments disappear at your end, but I want to say that I love your doily project!

Pat said...

Loving these bags! I have vintage hat boxes full of vintage linens. And I have like 30 vintage tablecloths(I just sold an additional 10). I buy them cheap even if they have stains because the borders are always perfect and that is the most beautiful part. I have made several bags from them. You have inspired me to go thru my boxes and get sewing with all these beautiful pieces. After all, I can't enjoy them in the box!!
Hmmm...wouldn't it be fun to make project bags from them, lingerie bags, lavender sachets out of the small pieces we just can't part with! So many possibilities!!
Thank you for the inspiration.

LintLady said...

Hello Suz,
too bad that I just gave my doilies away. I like this bags you made with them.
Hugs, Doris :o)

Nikki said...

Such a wonderful way to use old linens. Love them. Love the saying, get your sparkle on!


How about Birds of a feather -op together...

Farmers Market

Market day

Your bags are too cute.

Susan Smith said...

Very nice & all the sayings are good, but I'd go with my gut instinct on whatever is on the doiley to start with.

FlourishingPalms said...

These are so precious! Like you, I appreciate the sayings, and that they were hand-stitched. Though I like the other sayings you've suggested, more stitching really isn't necessary. The embroideries shine on their own. That said, if you're looking for hand work, more embroidery is just the ticket.

Debbie said...

What a clever idea!!

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