Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hip to be Square....

is the name of my new quilt!

My friend Kirsty was looking for some other versions 

of her latest pattern before it is released soon.

It was only when I was making Block #2 that I 

spotted a couple of errors in Block #1 (above)

Block # 3 is quite similar to #1 but that's ok....

#4 is similar to #2

Each block measures 17", so at the moment it 

is approximately 35" square.

If I can buy some more cream solid fabric, I'll add 

 outer borders

Happy sewing!



  1. Well I sure can't any errors! Apparently they are camouflaged. This is a lovely big block, and four together will be great. Borders aren't needed, in my opinion... though I know you didn't ask. :-)

  2. Now this is fun!! I looked for the errors, but can't spot them at all, so they are well-disguised if there are any. This reminds me of old-time patchwork blocks, but with a new twist. It's a very fun block; I hope your friend does well!

  3. Hi Susan, your blog is loading again, sorry for having you worried! Lovely blocks! The mistake in the first block, phew, I had t takr a good look. Does it have to do with a few squares near the center that are switched, some are a bit darker and some are a bit ligther and they be the other way around? Well... when it’s so hard to find, who cares!

  4. I think your quilt looks fab and I can't see any errors. I love the palette you've chosen and I look forward to seeing how you quilt and finish it.

  5. It is looking good. I can see how easy it would be to put a few of those squares in the wrong place. Not a problem as long as you pick it up - and you did!

  6. Took me a while to find those errors. No one will ever notice. All those seams to press!!

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  9. Lovely block & I've not discovered the error. Well done & it's fun to do test patterns, not that I've done any for a long time now. Oh, we are home, so may try & catch you at some stage. Take care.


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