Wednesday, January 10, 2018


my first finish for 2018!

Once I had decided how I wanted to quilt this....

and knew I had the skill to achieve it,

                    there was no stopping me, 

          doing the bulk of the quilting on a 42C day!

I found a Jacquie Gering YouTube video online that 

gave me the confidence to go for it!

It's a wavy line created with my walking foot.

I made a 'matched' binding, following Debbie's 

tutorial here.

I made a label from a scrap of the backing, 

cutting out a window, turning back the edges and 

stitching in a plain piece of fabric.

Here's the texture on the back...

a vintage sheet, 

a sneaky contrast to the modern front.

It finishes at about 60" square....

and going to live with a dear friend who, I hope, will 

find much comfort from it.

Happy sewing!



  1. Fabulous finish, Suz. Perfect choice for the quilting and you did it justice.

  2. The quilting is perfect, like ripples on a stream. Not too fussy or distracting either. Great first finish of the year!

  3. That is so pretty and I love the colors. The quilting is perfect.

  4. Love the colors and the quilting is just perfect. I hope your friend receives much comfort from this quilt.

  5. Sanctuary is such a pretty quilt, Susan! I love the colors of the solids, and the texture from the quilting. Is the batting polyester? It has such nice loft, so I just wondered. And your quilting is perfect on it! Really nice. Aren't you glad to have the Internet handy for searching out just the "right" quilting design? Your friend will simply HAVE to love this quilt!

  6. I love everything about this quilt. I must be brave and try curvy quilting. Love the shot of it in that large jade? donut.

  7. So pretty. Such refreshing and soothing colors. I too like the wavy quilting lines. It's a style of quilting I feel I can manage on my machine and am willing to do. Other free motion usually intimidates me.

  8. Just lovely! Perfect quilting and good job on the matched binding! I like it! ;-)

  9. I love the name Santuary - it just sounds so soothing. The texture and the colors are great. It's a beautiful quilt. I've been watching quilting videos lately too. I have quite a few quilt tops that need to be finished and want to try new and different quilting styles. This one looks easy enough that no one should be able to see the mess ups.

  10. I like the sneaky contrast of modern front and vintage back.
    I have collected a few vintage sheets but have not yet had a clear idea of what to do with them. Some will be no good for backings because I will have to cut around the worn-thin bits. :)

  11. Oh, it's gorgeous! I love how your wavy line quilting swirls like water through all that pretty blue green. Isn't Jacquie Gering the best? :)

  12. Great colour combination. I like wavy line quilting.

  13. Love this quilt! Such great colours.

  14. It is so beautiful Susan. I love the quilting, and the colours are so calming.

  15. This is a wonderful finish. I think your quilting is amazing and suits the quilt perfectly. Lovely choice and beautifully done.
    The binding is really interesting, too.
    What a great start to your quilting finishes for 2018.

  16. So fun to see the photos on this beautiful quilt again, and I love having the written commentary to guide me through them. I love your wavy lines quilting and good for you for going for gold and getting it all done! Congrats!


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