Saturday, January 13, 2018

Plotting and planning....

With one quilt finish under my belt for 2018, 

"Sanctuary" in its new home

and "Luna Park" being hand quilted in the 


it is time to turn my attention to another WIP.

But first....

I had been wanting to make one of these 

strawberry blocks for a long time!

Isn't she pretty?

I gathered up all my Gridster blocks, and some 

orphan blocks too, that I thought would play nicely 

with one another!

I spent some time measuring them and transferring 

these measurements on graph paper!

(Yes, I know there are probably computer 

programmes that do it for you,

 but I'm old-fashioned 

when it comes to designing!)

So I am playing with possible layouts, 

There will definitely be some random sashing to 

be added.

And possibly some checkerboard 'filler' blocks too!

It is much easier moving these mini paper blocks 

around than crawling around the floor!

If anyone has any other ideas for me,

you know where I am,

plotting and planning!

Happy sewing!



  1. Graph paper is my go-to planning guide. It is going to be wonderful no matter how you arrange it.

  2. I'm with you. I like to plan with pencil and paper.
    It will definitely turn into an interesting quilt.
    And now is the perfect time to play with these blocks when there is no work to interrupt.
    Have fun.

  3. Hello Suz,
    I do planing also by paper. Nothing wrong with that.
    I think this will be a nice quilt later. I woild do the second layout.
    I love the piggy!
    Happy Weekend :o) Doris

  4. I like your style! I still draw my blocks on graph paper and I do love your idea of planning a quilt layout with it. Your orphan quilt is going to look wonderful and fun. Love all of your blocks and they look like they play well with each other.

  5. Your orphans look like they are ready to be a family together! Cute collection of blocks with lots of layout options :)

  6. I think it's always tricky to put together a sampler quilt, but I love love how they look at the end of all that hard work! I put mine up on the wall and measure and stitch and sometimes cut blocks down to make them all fit. I'll be watching what you do, as it's such a great idea and a great souvenir of a bee! Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Now I want to make a strawberry block. It is so cute, and I feel I need to get back into humidicrib quilt production again.

  8. Commenting two days after you've posted probably means that you've already laid out and pieced the Gridster/Orphan blocks quilt top! :-) But if I'm not too late to weigh in, I'd go with your last layout - the one where it looks like a plus. That's a whole lot more interesting than the other puzzle-type designs. I think laying them out as you have, using graph paper, is a great idea! I would do something like that too, if I was more patient. I'd probably try it in EQ8 first. And I STILL love that Sanctuary quilt. It looks fabulous on it's new home!

  9. Graph paper shapes is a great idea. A bit like cutting furniture shapes out and laying them in a room for placement. Hope it all works out!

  10. You certainly have a lot of fun things on this busy person you are.

  11. Your sampler pieces will be fabulous! I love your posts!

  12. How very clever to cut your graph paper blocks!! I do that with furniture when designing room, but never thought to when it came to quilt planning.
    Your blocks are fabulous and will make an awesome sampler quilt
    happy sewing ~ Tracy

  13. I like using graph paper too (especially when it is hot) for some reason the ideas come faster. I have no input for possible layouts, I do like your layout in the last photo.

  14. Oh I love those blocks and the way you are putting them together! It's a good idea to use the graph paper blocks.. looking forward to seeing design you come up with! xx


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