Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A love/hate relationship....

with Delilah!

I loved making Month 10- 

but Month 9, which arrived soon after my bike 


really had me despairing!

These are 6" blocks.  The curves are tight whether 

constructed by machine or hand!

So I improvised....

and made three each of my own versions!

This brings me to some plans for 2018.

1.  I will conquer my aversion to curves, with possibly a drunkard's path quilt.

2. I have a stash of black and white fabric that is begging to be made into a quilt.

In the meantime, I made this....

as a gift for my hand therapist!

3. And a large stash of Cotton and Steel fabric I want to make into a quilt.

But first, I need to finish this...

Do you have any quilty plans for 2018?

Happy sewing!



  1. Love your "alternative" #9 blocks. It's what quilting is all about - making the best with what you have and if you have physical impairment, then you do the best you can within those boundaries. I think they are more than equal to the original pattern. Love to see what you come up with for a Cotton and Steel stash - I have one too. Hand therapist gift is gorgeous. Hope you continue to complete wellness soon.

  2. Nice projects.... I would like to grab more 10-15 min time slots to sew on the machine..... I think I don't have time but hey that adds up to an hour a week which is useful......

  3. The three blocks in the middle look perfect, but I can understand why your accident might have you looking for alternatives.
    I love the first aid pouch!
    I am not brave enough to set crafty goals this year. I feel like I got so little sewn last year. :(

  4. I love all your blocks! I feel inspired.

    Check out the curve master foot. It changed my life. It allows you to sew a curve like it is nothing.

  5. I always like your approach to problem solving. No-one else will ever have a quilt like yours because they follow patterns to a T. But you always add your own touches. I see that as an innovation, not a problem.
    Good luck with all your quilty plans for the year. No plans here just yet!

  6. I totally agree with your sentiments, month 9 was tough! Love your variations, they look wonderful. My plan is to keep up with Delilah and get all these blocks sewn together. Happy New Year!

  7. It’s a cold comfort to know that even though you chose to work with your own fabrics you have a love/hate relationship with Delilah. I thought my dislike in making the blocks were caused by the fabrics I received with the templates. I wll truly be glad when this project is done. I love your blocks and your limited colour palette!

  8. Do I have any quilty plans? Do I? So many - but it remains to be seen if I see them come to fruition - but I will give trying my best shot! I love the colours in your bottom photo and will look forward to seeing the finished item! I hope the hand therapy is helping and you are seeing improvement. Lynne.

  9. I too have an aversion to curves. I'm not quite willing to make conquering them a resolution though. My goal for 2018 is to finish a flannel king-sized quilt for my son and to finish a UFO for every new quilt started. And to try and finish any new projects that I start - I realize for me this is an unreasonable goal so it's not an official one.

  10. I loved how you used the cone flower fabric in the month 9 block, really effective. No real quilty plans for me apart from trying to finish up some quilts that have been sitting around too long, I think I say that every year :)

  11. I love your three alternate block #9's. I like that you are really making it your own. I only have a couple of goals for this year. 1. to finish my Sarah Fielke Down the Rabbit Hole and 2. to finish On Ringo Lake by Bonnie Hunter. I have lots of pieces cut out, now to sew. Hope you have a great and prosperous 2018!

  12. I think your solution to getting these blocks done is inspired. I am a firm believer in the fact that every patchwork problem can be solved... just requires some out of the square thinking at times.

  13. Gosh! These remind me of a Chuck Nohara block, and I thought we'd sworn off them forever! But I love what you did and think they really make this quilt a "Susan" quilt--which is the best thing, of course.

    Cute pouch for your hand therapist--are you getting better? I hope so. I hope at some point you'll blog about your new wheels--I want to see them!

  14. Cute pouch. Curves are my nemesis too, I sometimes hand baste them into place before machine stitching, no pins in the way then. Nothing wrong with altering a pattern either.

  15. Looks like you've done well with your curves. The pouch is lovely and so is the little cabinet.

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