Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chuckies in Love

Or should that be "Chucky's in Love"?

Too late now, it's labeled and finished!

I loved everything about making this quilt...

 from planning which blocks to include, 

to choosing fabrics,

 to learning a variety of techniques in each 6" block,

the hand quilting...

even the photo shoot was fun! 

Thank you, Elizabeth, who encouraged and joined 

me on my Chuck Nohara journey!

That's Elizabeth's block up there on the left!

A shot of the "Lizzy House" backing...

and trying it out for size on Helen's bed!

Final statistics:

Quilt #88
Measures 65" X 73"
Hand/machine pieced and appliqued
Hand quilted with Eleganza #8 perle thread
Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting

Happy sewing!



  1. Such a fabulous creation needs more fanfare, more photos! Beautiful work, Susan!
    Maybe two (or more) people named Chuck are in love - Chuckies in love. That works, right? Either way, I now have the song stuck in my head.

  2. I’ve always loved the Chuck Nohara blocks! The sashings, cornerstones and binding add even more to love!

  3. It looks wonderful. There is so much work in all the blocks. Great work with how you have set the blocks, too. It is a lovely finish.
    I am pleased you found some time in the sun for photos. Did you get the hail today?

  4. I am in love too with this quilt, now I'm humming this tune. Everything this wonderful in Chuckie's quilt and I would be hard pressed to decide my favorite block but I do love the yellow kiwi bird. As always, thanks for sharing and for making these wonderful projects--I sew vicariously through you.

  5. Ah, Fabuloso!!!!! This is so terrific, and I agree with everything you said: the fun of picking out blocks, the stitching, the learning of different techniques. I'm glad you had fun with the photo shoot--congratulations on another fine finish.

  6. This is wonderful Susan, I love the colour palette you have used, the fabrics and blocks chosen. How many blocks did you have to choose from? A fantabulous finish.

  7. I love it! It turned out beautifully with that dark sashing and the dramatic cornerstones. Another great job!

  8. A wonderful quilt! And very special with all your hand quilting!

  9. I have always had a problem with those tricky apostrophe's, but I thought you were the English teacher!! I think it really shows through that you had a blast with this quilt, it will be a forever memory.

  10. This quilt is so amazing - a real beauty and you must be very proud of it! What a lot of work with all those tiny appliqué pieces! Love your handquilting too. All those different fabrics play so well together and the dark blue strips combined with the red cross corner stones are just perfect!

  11. I'm giggling because Chucky's In Love is grammatically correct, though Chuckies in Love gets me to thinking, "WHAT are Chuckies?!" Well of course they're all those little blocks! I think you titled it correctly. And of course, the finish is fabulous! Just to think that you did all that by hand. Goodness! I mean, the appliqué and piecing, the quilting. Bet you loved working with QD cotton, didn't you? Interestingly, when I took a hand quilting workshop, the instructor had us bring QD polyester. Maybe you'll have to try that one sometime too. In any case, it's a fantastic quilt, Susan, and you've gotta be feeling pretty pleased with yourself over this one. It looks great on Helen's bed!

  12. What a wonderful finish! Love it all, including your hand quilting!

  13. It is truly a masterpiece - absolutely love it. And I love that you hand quilted it too - what a treasure :-)

  14. What a finish Susan!!! You must be so delighted with how this quilt turned out! I loved seeing your progress on Instagram as each block was made! Your center squares and border selection really tie the entire quilt together! Congratulations!!


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