Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Winner, winner..

Chicken dinner!

Well, roast lamb perhaps!

I've used my random number generator 

to come up with #10

I have emailed Karen!

(A couple of commenters did not have an email linked to their comment.)

On the weekend I made this baby quilt top....

for my hairdresser who is having a little girl in 


I started with 5" squares, and 'fudged' some 

eight-point stars to fit,

I added a 3.5" border of that cute Lizzie House print, 

and a piano keys border of 5" X 1.5" pieces to the 

top and bottom.

Now onto the quilting and binding!

Happy sewing!



  1. That lamb is way too cute to eat... and the baby quilt is so pretty and sure did go together fast.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. What a sweet, sweet baby quilt, I love the fabrics, they're so pretty and colorful, just perfect for a baby.

  4. Lucky Karen, and lucky hairdresser and new baby!!

  5. I love the contrasting color you used with the pinks.

  6. Love the cot quilt - it's so modern and cute.

  7. What a cute baby quilt, and a REASON to make a quilt! That's the part I like best, that you found someone who wants a quilt from you... or does she know she's getting it? Quilting a baby quilt is always fun because it can be accomplished quickly. Enjoy!

  8. Love the colours in that baby quilt. I thiink we need to see how big your stash is, I could never pull that many purples to gether out of mine.

  9. Thanks, Susan. You already know how delighted I am to win. I think it is such a gorgeous pin cushion. Thank you for your generous give away.
    Your baby quilt is delightful. It has turned out so well. The stars add an extra pop to the lovely colours. A perfect gift.

  10. That is gorgeous, Susan!
    I thought about making my hairdresser a baby quilt, but then she gave my scalp a chemical burn and fell off my favourite people list! :(

  11. That is one cute quilt, Susan! I love the little stars and that perfect little border around of the Lizzy House. I'm sure she will love this! (I also loved the comment from Julie about the purples.) Thanks for the giveaway for the pincushion--it's really so sweet.


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