Sunday, September 10, 2017

Orbiting Delilah!

I think these "Orbit" blocks were worth the time they 


They seemed to take forever to complete!

Probably because my machine is in for a service, 

and I've had minor foot surgery,

I ended up hand stitching two to help pass the time!

Can you tell which ones were hand pieced and which 

ones were machined?

Here they are all together....

And to celebrate reaching the halfway point,

another group shot!

Happy sewing!

Well, maybe I'll be knitting instead.....



  1. Love these blocks and so worth the time it took to make them. I am guessing the blocks on the left are the ones which were handsewn but really they all look the same to me. The colors and fabrics are so refreshing, especially the spearmint greens. I love your happy sewing, it makes me smile.

  2. Although I would never have chosen these fabrics - they have a definite charm about them, and the blocks look great together. You will have to spill the beans over whether the hand stitching gives more precise results than the machine.

  3. Love your peach and blue/green/grey combo with these blocks! Not too sure, but maybe the top two were hand pieced?

  4. Your Orbit blocks are beautiful. I love the simple, graphic quality of them. I'm glad you could time your sewing machine servicing to your foot surgery. Do take it very easy and heal quickly. Though I understand how sitting around can get very boring, even with handwork to do. Read any good books lately?

  5. These look amazing. I think all of your blocks are looking great together!

  6. Your blocks are looking fabulous together, glad you're not getting too bored while recuperating.

  7. That is one nice collection of blocks ... and they get along together so nicely too.

  8. I love your new blocks - and it is so difficult to tell, which ones are hand pieced and which ones not! Maybe no 2 and 4? But maybe not... Nevertheless, they look so beautiful and all the blocks together are simply gorgeous! Get well soon!

  9. Great work with the blocks, Susan. They are all looking amazing together. And, no. I can't pick the difference. Your hand stitching is wonderful!!
    That is a lovely design in your knitting, too. Is the colour true to the photo?
    I hope your recovery is going well. Do you think there will be a few more hand stitched blocks in your future?

  10. Your Delilah blocks look so bautiful, love the colours you are working with! It’s hard to tell which ones are sewn by hand or machine! It’s nice to have something else to work on than quilts, every now and then, isn’t it? ;-) I’m crocheting a blanket in between all the fabric stuff!

  11. Love these blocks. I am ready to knit also. hugs, LJ

  12. Impressive that you can't pick out the handstitched! Looks like really nice fabric choices and the start of a great quilt.

  13. Lovely blocks...I can't tell the difference between the hand stitched and the machine stitched! xox

  14. These are great blocks! I love the design of the block and the different colors you used.


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