Thursday, July 27, 2017

All work....

and no play, makes for little sewing time!

On my desk at work- gifts from special friends!

I have my Month 5 Delilah templates, and some new 

fabric waiting....

And fabric ready for binding Chucky!

Cutting this out probably took as long as the sewing 

will take!

But I hope to be back with a flimsy finish soon!

Happy days!



  1. I love all your projects. What pattern did you use for your Chucky quilt? I'm a big fan of applique. Hugs

  2. Susan, we must be on the same creative wavelength. I have a stash of fabrics and was thinking about doing a PLUS quilt but I love what you're doing with the Alice fabrics. I can't wait to see your flimsy and Chucky.

  3. There's always something colourful happening at your place.

  4. Those projects will keep you out of trouble this weekend. Love the Irish chain with a coloured centre link!

  5. Yes, my friends have said the term has started with a rush and their feet have barely touched the ground.
    I do hope you have some time to play with your lovely projects soon.

  6. Now, there is a pattern I think I could make use of ....
    I am about to take notes!

  7. So fun to see your progress! I'm jealous that you are to the binding part on your Chuckie--I'll catch up soon, I promise!


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