Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rainbow Stepping Stones

is finished!

So many favourite fabrics...

 and long forgotten scraps...

And in all it's rainbow goodness!

finishes at 72" by 68"....

Simple straight line quilting, about 2 inch apart.

Inspiration from here.

 "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" fabric for backing,

and binding.

And on this pleasant winter's day...

a Hellebores- Winter Rose!

Happy days!



  1. The quilting is just right for this quilt. I love the memory side of using scraps... makes each little piece of fabric special. I really like that spotty backing fabric, it has worked out perfectly.

  2. Great finish. All those little pieces came together so well well to create a gorgeous finish. Glad you were able to get out for photos. It does add some cheer to a cold day!
    Love seeing the hellebores.

  3. Fabulous finish Susan, love the scrapiness and the simple design. Very inspiring.

  4. A wonderful quilt! I love all this scrappiness, and the white sets all those little pieces off beautifully!

  5. This is my kind of fun quilt! Sort of mindless to piece, but one that makes you feel especially frugal to use up scrappy squares, and I know you have a lot of them! I remember when you were cutting and cutting. So did you make a big dent in them? Looks like a good "knock around" quilt, perhaps good for a picnic. Are you gifting it to a certain sweet little boy?

  6. Such a great quilt, Susan! I love that you did something with all those scraps the rest of us have rolling around our sewing areas, and the result is such a great-looking quilt. I do like how you off-set the blocks, to give some variety and so we could pick them out. Bravo!

  7. Oh my you have made some fabulous scrappy quilts! Thanks for all your magic comments on blog!


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