Friday, July 14, 2017


Do you ever finish a project, 

 (my Random Stepping Stones quilt is finished)

More photos to come

and not know what to start next?

Too many choices, too many ideas!

I have been collecting solids for a few months now...

But what pattern to choose?

Or what to make from my "Alice in Wonderland" 


What about making something with my black and 

white fabrics?

Any ideas gratefully considered!

In the meantime, I might just make a few more 

bandana bibs for Eli!

Happy days!



  1. I vote for Alice or it's never too early to start on a Christmas project, wink!

  2. To answer your first question... yes, all the time. You know I'm the worst person to ask what to make next... because the answer will always be EVERYTHING!

  3. I reckon try one of these with your solids:

  4. Check out Angela Waters' Midnight Quilter show - she has a terrific solids quilt. Even if you don't like the quilt, the show is a hoot!
    Also her 4-Color Fruit Slice quilt; Stained Glass Spectrum and Solar Flare - all available to view free on YouTube.

  5. You've got some hard decisions there. I'm no help. I'm in the same predicament. :)

  6. I hear you. So many projects are always swirling in my head. I like your solids project idea. Go with it

  7. It is a funny feeling. Sometimes i think it is because we have too many choices. I will be interested to see which one takes your fancy.
    But it is a lovely dilemma to have!

  8. I never seem to know what to do next--(I sure would like to see what you do with Wonderland though) lol

  9. Such a cute bandana, and I'm sure Eli loves it. I get like that often--just plain old stuck and so then it's time to rest and do something else, I guess. My grandkids gave me Moana when they came so I guess I could do some hand-stitching, or something. Your finish is so fun. (I already went there first.)


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