Saturday, December 16, 2017

A mantle....

of Christmas stockings!

Well, I don't have a mantle to display my latest 


but I decided that's a good collective noun for more 

than one Christmas stocking!

I wanted to make my grandson, Eli a Christmas 


and under the advice of my friend Linda, I should 

make one for his Mum....

and Dad too!

The recipients, or at least Mum, like a fairly neutral 

colour palette...

hence the fabrics I chose.

There is a little more colour on the backs.

I found a stocking template on the Internet 

somewhere and worked out my own placement of 

the 2.5" squares.

I followed the tutorial from here to finish them off.

I've put aside the pattern and some of the same 

 fabric should a brother or sister come along one day.

Happy sewing!



  1. These are so sweet and I love the neutral palette. I probably would them hanging around well after the holidays. I'm glad to see you sewing again.

  2. Those are really darling stockings ... a set that is alike but different. Nice job!

  3. These are wonderful! I love how they are "subtle-Christmas" with that palette. Very nice! I hope they are thrilled with them!

  4. Glad you decided to make them for the whole family. I am sure they like them... with this low volume color palette, how could they not? Smart to set aside the pattern and fabric for them. I didn't, and had to do some searching for THE pattern to make another one. The only thing different that I did was put names on the cuff - DAD, MOM, AUSTIN, and LUKE. I'm truly glad your hand is improving so you can keep creating and sewing. I'd think it would be good therapy... for your hand and your mind! :-)

  5. These are wonderful. And, yes, you did have to make three. Can't leave anyone out.
    Gorgeous fabrics and design.
    And for future reference, make sure you tuck aside some of the fabrics to make another one or two the same for future additions to the family.

  6. Love the stockings! It always amazes me how a neutral palette really makes a punch. Hope you have a great holiday!

  7. Looks like your hand is better now - otherwise you wouldn't have been able to make such lovely stockings! I love the neutral colors :-) Have a wonderful Christmas time and get well soon!

  8. These are terrific! So many of the young Moms are going neutral these days, but your stockings have just enough sparkle to keep them from being drab. I love them!

  9. Какие нежные получились носки! Очень красиво подобраны цвета!

  10. The stockings are lovely Susan. Merry Christmas.

  11. Beautiful stockings, and a good idea to put some fabric aside from them.

  12. You are a clever cookie! Great forward planning to put away some fabric - you just need to remember where it is when you need it! I think the stockings would have also looked nice with bound edges on the outside. Hey... Merry Xmas! Hope you and Mr PnP and The Hand have a great holiday!


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