Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It's bad enough that work gets in the way of sewing 


But when you don't have use of your left hand 

yes...I'm left-handed.....

the options are limited!

Here are a pin cushion and needle case 

I made earlier.... 

 I must have impressed MrPnP....

he thought I'd bought them!

I'm planning on using this vintage sheet.... 

on the back of this modern solids quilt, 

and admiring my neglected clamshells.

Thankfully I can type one handed.....

Hopefully, I'll be out of this cast soon AND finished 

the reports!

Happy days!



  1. Oh my...I hope you're okay. Adorable pin cushion.

  2. I love your clam shells! I hope your hand heals fast so you can stitch again.

  3. Oh my! That does look uncomfortable - what have you been doing to yourself? I hope it gets better soon and so you can make good use of the Xmas hols. Your husband is right - the pincushion and needle case look very professional indeed!

  4. What bad timing, esp with the school holidays approaching. Hoping your hand/wrist heals quickly so you can get back to some crafty fun xx

  5. Good grief. What happened to you??

  6. I can't wait for those clamshells. They are so fun. But you must relax and heal. In the mean time enjoy new things and when you come back I bet you'll be rejuvenated and inspired.

  7. It has to be so frustrating. Cute little pincushion and needlecase.

  8. OUCH! My left hand is the only one under my control. I can't even imagine not being able to use it.

  9. I love the fussy cutting on the pincushion and needlecase. That fabric is perfect for it. And the backing for the modern quilt is just the right colors.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery - I know it is usually when I can't work on things that the ideas and desire flow the most.

  10. Fun and beautiful pincushion.
    So sorry about your hand! Hope it's a speedy recovery for you!

  11. Hmm... so being one handed doesn't get you out of school? Well that sucks. I love that vintage sheet with the modern quilt - the colours are perfect and the juxtaposition of the modern and vintage is perfect. I can't help but think that little goldfish looks a bit depressed, I think he needs a friend. Hopefully the hand is improving...?

  12. That opening photograph just about says it all--such frustration for you, a woman who works with her hands constantly, both in teaching/grading and in creating. I hope the next few weeks will provide a silver lining to this cloud in some way.

    I have been feeling stalled since our last trip, and appalled to find this notice of your blog posting deep in my email box--I am so sorry I didn't comment earlier, but hopefully now I'll be getting on top of things. When do you get your wrapping off? What's the end date for this confinement? I hope it's before Christmas!


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