Saturday, July 9, 2016

Joining in the "Finish-Along"

 I have enough things on

 my UFO list to warrant joining in the Q3 

Finish Along this quarter.

Here goes....

1. My "Milky Way" jumper...

just one sleeve to finish and then it needs to be sewn


2. My "Glitter" quilt....

needs to be machine quilted.

I have the backing pieced and the batting ready!

3. My double gauze Nani Iro whole quilt....

some more hand quilting and binding required.

4. My "Window on the World" mini....

I want to hand quilt this one, 

but its only 17 inches square, so that's do-able.

5. My "Spelling Bee" quilt...

I am still waiting on a couple of blocks to arrive 

but Australia Post has let me down on this one!

Now, if I can just resist starting anything new.....



  1. Lovely projects on the go!! Good luck with your finishes!

  2. Beautiful projects. I am especially keen to see the wholecloth quilt finished😀 xx

  3. oh wow - lovely list! I really love 'Glitter!'

  4. What a great collection of cute projects! I especially love the Glitter quilt and the Window on the World. Can't wait to see what you get done this quarter!

  5. You'll be a busy bee this quarter! Good luck getting all of these fun projects finished.

  6. Blue is my favourite colour and I love that blue jumper - I also love that purple/green fabric used for 'people' - good luck with your finishes :)

  7. Good for you to be doing this! If that's the kind of push that works for you, or anyone, I don't begrudge you that. However for me, it's not a good thing. The way I handle such pressure, even if it's self-imposed, is to do it and do it and do it until it's done. That means also forgoing other things that need to be done! Suffice it to say I don't handle well any obligations. Perhaps that's from being retired for so long! Your to-dos are admirable, and I hope you handily sail through finishing them.

  8. Great list :-) And when these are finished, then we can start our Jen Kingwell quilt!

  9. I love your list--so attainable, as many are in progress already. I'm so envious of your ability to knit, but I'm going to admire it from afar, I think. My sister is also a skilled knitter, but I'm all thumbs in that department (which is why I will admire it, but not emulate). It will be fun watching you cross these off.


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