Sunday, July 24, 2016

A beautiful distraction!

If I can't be sewing, at least it's for a grand reason!

I finished the label for Eli's quilt (see last post here)

A grand son, in fact!

Proudly presenting Eli...

But I won't bore you with my happy snaps,

because I have another 'finish' to share!

I'm calling this one "All that Glitters"!

 I can honestly say I enjoyed quilting this 

more than I did making the top...

and that doesn't happen very often!

I used my trusty Hera marker to mark diamonds in 

the solid aqua sections, 

that echoed the shapes somewhat,

even some wonky ones!

And included this diamond shape in the centre of the 

patterned sections.

I was having lots of fun so I did some more echo 

quilting, and more diamonds.

I also decided to try my hand at machine stitching

down the binding.

and I was happy with that too.

For the backing I used lots of leftover pieces of 


It's had a wash and dry, and it's now lovely and 


Also it's ready for gifting!

I wonder if Eli would like it?

DETAILS:    Finished size- 41" by 57"

Quilted with Gutermann thread #7827

(My first finish for the F-A-L Q3., original list here)

Happy days!



  1. I really like that elongated block, though I can see where it could be tedious to make. Nice quilting. I love ghosting a block in the negative space.

  2. Oh congratulations! How exciting and lovely!

  3. Eli is indeed a grand reason.
    I am sure he would love the quilt!

  4. Congratulations! Eli is adorable! The quilt is really beautiful, I love the soft aqua colour of the background. Scrappy backs always make me smile too!

  5. Eli, how wonderful, I doubt I would be bored with more happy snaps. Sigh. All That Glitters finished up well. Very satisfying when your plans all come together for a great finish. Lovely soft colours too.

  6. Congrats- Eli is the perfect sweetie and I know you are si proud!! And I love everything about that quilt and envy your ability to see the Hera marks -- I can't see them after like a nanosecond 🤔😞.

  7. Lovely! Your grandson is adorable, congratulations!!

  8. Eli is such a cutie. What an citing time for you all. All that glitters is wonderful. I really like the quilting of diamonds and well done with the machine binding, the times I've tried it looks terrible, your edges are so neat. I'm sure Eli would love this quilt.

  9. Congratulations - Eli is so sweet! And I love how you have quilted the diamonds on your Glitter quilt - just perfect!

  10. Oh, he is so so cute! Enjoy all your cuddles, and well done on finishing a project that you weren't so excited about! It is turned out wonderfully, and I really like the quilting especially.

  11. I love everything about this quilt and I especially love the way you with the echo diamonds

  12. Congratulations, Suz! Eli is adorable and I think he will love his grandma made quilt. They make a precious pair!

  13. Congratulations, that is exciting news, and now you have the perfect excuse to buy more fabric and create more things!!

  14. Congratulations Grandma! What an exciting, wonderful time for you and your family. Eli is such a sweet baby. Great quilting on your Glitter quilt.

  15. Eli is so gorgeous. I am thrilled to bits for you! I think he will love his quilt.
    Well done with the finish. Great quilting!!! Hope you still have a big smile on your face!

  16. A beautiful baby boy! You are a lucky grandma :) The quilt is amazing, I love everything about it. I have not tried using a hera marker yet, going to have to give that a try.

  17. Hi Suz,congrats on your adorable little man and he will love his quilt its amazing

  18. Awww . . . Eli is perfect. You can bore me anytime with more photos. Not that your quilts aren't beautiful too.

  19. I am now officially catching up with all your posts--love the pictures of Eli, snug as a bug, and love that quilt. Man, you finish things up quickly! (and I know you were doing student teacher training at the same time). Beautiful quilt and beautiful baby--and certainly a beautiful grandma!

  20. Congratulations to the fine finish. I hope the mother and baby are both happy and healthy =)


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